18 July 2010

One Year Post-Transplant

Wow! How very far I have come this last year. In the transplant unit the motto is: “Life begins at Day Zero”. For me Day 0 was 18 July 2009. Now here I am a year later and in many ways, healthier than I have ever been. This past Wednesday I had all my one year tests. Some of the results are not back yet, but the ones that are look great. I told them I was cured. :-) The docs won't considered me cured until I reach year 5 post-transplant. But all journeys begin and continue with a single step. These are just a few of my reflections on this most delightful of occasions:

~ Life is too short not to take the road less travelled or to not stop and smell the roses along the way.

~ I have never been a much of a conformist. When I was in school, girls were required to wear dresses to school. I delighted in wearing blue jeans and flowers in my hair, challenging the status quo until it changed. (Thanks as much to my parents speaking out at school board meetings as my behaviour. LOL). But I find that the older I get, the less I care for the opinions of the world.

~ As Carly Simon said, “These are the good old days.” Life just keeps getting better. And it’s also a bit of what Jimmy Buffet says, “We are the people our parents warned us about.” LOL

~ For me, being creative is a need, not just a pastime. Whether it is , , stained glass, , tablescaping, , or writing, it is not something I can keep bottled up inside. I am an artist.

~ Having children is a source of entertainment and joy. And it doesn’t change when they get older.

~ Mike and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary last month. We dated for six months and then we eloped. Obviously we did it right cause, We’re still having fun, and he’s still the one.

~ Kindness and generosity always top things and having the last word.

~ Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

This is a fabulous day for my family and me. I sincerely hope your day is equally wonderful! And may you all live long and prosper.

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12 July 2010

Ruby Tuesday 7-13-2010

MaryT/TheTeach over at Work of the Poet started a photo meme for people who have photographed something red. I love red. Red just jumps out at me. I have lots of photos with red.

Today I am featuring an ATC I made several years ago.

Somehow, I have become a collector of miniature chairs. Not quite sure how that happened, but now I seem to have a couple of dozen of them sitting around. For the card the first thing I did was to set up three of the chairs and photograph them. The black chair is a modern one, but the two red ones are vintage. The one on the left is carved wood and the one on the right is made of plaster. I have no idea when they were made, but I am guessing in the 1930s or 1940s. The colour on those two matches really well.

I made the wall hanging by photographing a Harlequin donkey, altering its colour in Photoshop and then creating a desert-ish background. I made a mirror image duplicate and then put a frame around the two. Re-sized, that image became a new layer on the card. The room needed something to anchor it, so I made a photo of an art deco rug, then altered the perspective, resized it and it became the rug on the floor of the living room.

I Photoshop. Digital image editing is a lot of fun!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
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