12 July 2010

Ruby Tuesday 7-13-2010

MaryT/TheTeach over at Work of the Poet started a photo meme for people who have photographed something red. I love red. Red just jumps out at me. I have lots of photos with red.

Today I am featuring an ATC I made several years ago.

Somehow, I have become a collector of miniature chairs. Not quite sure how that happened, but now I seem to have a couple of dozen of them sitting around. For the card the first thing I did was to set up three of the chairs and photograph them. The black chair is a modern one, but the two red ones are vintage. The one on the left is carved wood and the one on the right is made of plaster. I have no idea when they were made, but I am guessing in the 1930s or 1940s. The colour on those two matches really well.

I made the wall hanging by photographing a Harlequin donkey, altering its colour in Photoshop and then creating a desert-ish background. I made a mirror image duplicate and then put a frame around the two. Re-sized, that image became a new layer on the card. The room needed something to anchor it, so I made a photo of an art deco rug, then altered the perspective, resized it and it became the rug on the floor of the living room.

I Photoshop. Digital image editing is a lot of fun!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
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Craig Miyamoto said...

Hey Becky ... if you ever get an influx of miniature visitors, you've got it made!

When I saw the blog title "Ruby Tuesday," I thought it was going to be about restaurant food. LOL.

reg said...

That is so cool. I love it

stan said...

those chairs look v real.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

what a clever idea.
My Ruby Redness

Manang Kim said...

Now this one is what I like. Love miniature things too. Happy Tuesday!

RT~Straw/blueberry pie

Erica said...

Becky....Love your miniature chairs. Well....I love collecting miniatures 'anything'. Hope all is well.
Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Becky said...

Thanks all!

Craig - miniature visitors. Too funny! LOL

Erica, I really do like the miniature chairs. I've managed to run across several really interesting ones. But I really didn't start out meaning to collect them. I just would pick one up when it struck my fancy. :-)

Nancy said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Very nice!