10 September 2009

RANT: Facebook Chat

Dear friends, if you are trying to chat with me on Facebook, please DON'T. That stupid chat crashes my system every time. Even CTRL-ALT-DEL won't work. I have to physically hold down the power button with programs still running to get my computer to turn off. This is not a good thing.

At first it just wouldn't let me type responses. Then it started crashing my browser. Then it stopped letting me see who was even trying to chat and totally crashes my system. If anyone reads this and knows how to turn off Facebook chat, please tell me in comments on my blog or send me an e-mail. Don't tell me in comments on this note in FB, as I won't see it.

As soon as I find out how, I will go to FB and turn chat off! I'm leery of even opening FB anymore because I've been spending more time trying to shut off and restart my system than actually being online.
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MileHighBaker said...

Can you email FB support and have them turn off 'chat' for you? Boy, that would have me hopping mad. Fortunately, you're getting well enough to hop, even if you might not be quite that mad. ;^) Always good to read of your progress.

Becky said...

Hey MHB. A FB friend got in touch with me and told me how to turn chat off myself. And lo and behold, it stays turned off until I choose to turn in back on - which will be never. Even after the computer has been turned off and back on again, chat stays off. I love it.

Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes.

MileHighBaker said...

I guess just mark it as another little victory in life's ongoing battles of silliness. Glad you've gotten it fixed. On to more important things, like visualizing blood cells and deciding what's for dinner! You go girl.