17 September 2009

Thursday ~ 17 September: Day 61

Well my news from clinic today was not as good as it could have been. For the last couple of weeks I just haven't been feeling good. General feeling of blah, malaise, shakey, nausea, etc. It has come on gradually and Monday was probably my worst day. Also, for a couple of weeks my white count has been dropping. Today my neutrophils were only 0.5 so I am on the verge of being neutropenic again. By Tuesday my platelets had also dropped down to 155, from 199. Today the platelets were back up to 178, I am happy to report. My hematocrit is stable at 29, but my overall red count is down, too.

Because of the dropping counts, on Tuesday they changed my meds. Took me off Bactrim, which is known to drop counts, decreased my GenGraf and cut my Valtrex in third. Today I am actually feeling a little better, but because of the major white count drop, they are going to do a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow at 3:00. I'll be sedated for that, so nothing to eat or drink after breakfast. It will take about a week to get the results from that, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the MDS is not trying to return. I am seriously hoping that all these things are side effects of the meds, and that the change on Tuesday will result in count changes, as well as how I feel, by next week.

So, all my visualising friends, I need to see more neutrophils and white cells! I'll appreciate any help and assistance, as well as prayers and healing thoughts.

On the good side, I am nearly two-thirds of the way to day 100. Here's to a great big beautiful tomorrow!
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~M said...

You're always in my thoughts. Hope tomorrow and the days to come go better for you! :)

Linda said...

Tomorrow night is a powerful time for prayer and reflection...I will be sending some into the universe for you Becky...hang in there