01 August 2009

Saturday ~ 1 August: Day 14

They tell me there will be ups and downs. Yesterday afternoon and today have been spent working on getting better levels of my anti-rejection drugs. The cyclosporin has gotten up to toxic levels again and I've been having all the attendant side effects. Nausea, dizziness, shaking, some vision stuff. So I'm taking meds to help ameloriate some of those. And some of those meds make me fall asleep. Hopefully we can get the correct dose figured out soon.

On the GREAT side: My platelets were up to 64, this morning (64,000). Last time I had levels that high was back around Thanksgiving 2007. My white count was 1.0, up from 0.6. Didn't get my neutrophil count today. My hemoglobin went from 8.8 yesterday to 9.7 today. We know the counts will bounce around, but for now I'm just being happy with the upward trend.

Sally is caretaking me this weekend, so that Mike could go home, see the girls, etc. I slept all afternoon, but that gave Sally some time just to relax. I don't think she gets to do much of that at home. Have to say it was more fun the last time she came to caretake me and we went antiquing! LOL. Maybe next time.

Dinner tonight was take-out from PF Changs. I finally felt like eating something and vegetarian lettuce wraps sounded good to me.

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Mary said...

Becky, so very glad to hear about your blood counts!! Keep up the good work :)

Mary P.

Creamsicle said...

Becky, such great news about your blood count. Continued thoughts and prayers being sent your way.