31 July 2009

Friday ~ 31 July: Day 13

OK peeps, this news is too good to wait to share. My platelets are up to 48. That is 48,000! I haven't had that high of a platelet count in 16 months. When we went to Italy last summer I was in the 30,000 range. This has to be on my own as I didn't get a transfusion yesterday. And my neutrophils are up to 0.15. Those are a little more than doubled since yesterday. Red count is down another point, but those are typically the last to come back up. I knew this was a Fabulous Friday.

Interesting note: Mike keeps a spreadsheet of all my medical stuff. One of the things he tracks is when I get blood products and how much I get. We have never totalled that, but yesterday a man here in the clinic asked how much blood had I been given. Last night Mike ran totals for me. I did not have to start getting platelets until after I started Vidaza treatments last summer. Since then I have received 113 units of platelets. I first got red blood back in December of 2007, before we went to DisneyWorld for Christmas. All in all I have had 91 units of packed red cells. Let me take this opportunity to give a heartfelt

to everyone who donates blood. I am alive today because of all these wonderful people.

Now we are at the clinic waiting for my Invanz. It has to be mixed up in the pharmacy after I arrive at the OTU clinic. Oh, and now it has arrived.

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Kelly said...


Glad to hear the blood counts are finally increasing. Prayers that they continue.

Kelly K

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear your good news!

teacup said...


I'm so happy to hear your good news.
Sending you prayers and prayers and prayers.

Erica (((HUGS)))

Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

Oh, Becky, I am beyond ecstatic! What wonderful numbers and great news to hear on a beautiful day in Southern Illinois. Enjoy the rest of your day and keep us posted. You make my day better when you are getting better.

Joanie said...

Becky! Wow, that is a huge jump! This is FANTASTIC news....yippee!
Thanks for sharing this and we will all be praying for even more good news to come!
sleep well, Joanie

Martha said...

Becky -- we got those glasses ages ago at a Trade Show in Vegas. Ordered two dozen for water glasses but I think they are really parfait glasses-- Jim picked them out -- not sure of the manufacturer or pattern name.

MileHighBaker said...

Oh, happy day! That is truly joyful news. Prayers continue for more and better news.