20 July 2009

Sunday: Day 1

So I've made it across Day Zero to the positive side. Birth is not easy the first time and I'm not sure why I thought it should be easier the second. I've been out of it a lot the last 36 hours, but will try to give a synopsis.

Sally, Abbey, and Donnie came up to join Mike and me for the Big Event. I had already bee pre-medicated when they arrived, but was able to appreciate the little mylar happy birthday balloons they brought me. Around 2:20p on Sunday is when they brought in my two bags of life. They came with all kinds of tags, which I've been given for my scrapbook. The bags of cells are administered like any other transfusion, though the contents look different. The concensus was the cells in the bag look like a strawberry daquiri.

First bag started slowly and went in fine. About 2/3 through the second bag I started to feel cold. Uh oh. I know that feeling! The next 24 hours are pretty fuzzy to me. I kept spiking fevers, having chills, and getting dosed with all sorts of IV drugs. Also felt very nauseous with a bad headache. They're keeping me on oxygen because my heart and breathing rate are going way down when I'm asleep. And in the midst of all that, I also developed an irregular heartbeat. The latter seems to have calmed down and I don't have to be on that constant monitoring now. Got rid of those yesterday afternoon sometimes.

Food on Day 1:
1. one mini cinnamon roll and coffee
2. 1/2 cup vegetable soup
3. cottage cheese and canned pears

Doesn't sound like the most exciting birthday food, but hey. I could tolerate it. I did wake up for a bit on Sunday afternoon, but wasn't up to doing any blog posting. Felt like I was trying to move through thick molasses and everything had dull edges.

They tell me this is because I am switching from O positive blood to A positive blood. The two different blood types are vying for position and the A is winning. Thanks to my wonderful donor.

People made photos at the start of the transplant. I will see if any are suitable for posting.

Thank you all so very much for your continued care and support. They tell me the hardest part is going to be the next 100 days. I'm thinking positively!!!
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bakinbits said...

I'm so happy to read your post, Becky dear, and my hope for you is that each day is a little better for you than the day before.

Kelly said...

Been waiting with baited breath. So glad things are going well. Will continue to pray for a quick recovery and those A's to have dominance over the O's quickly.

Kelly K

Teacup said...


I'm glad that things are looking well for you. Wishing you lots of brighter days ahead!!!

Erica (((HUGS)))

Patricia said...

These were some of the best words I have ever read! I am so happy for you!
You are on your way now!!


MileHighBaker said...

Darn near wore out that 'refresh' button checking in on you the last day or so. Glad to read you have been 'reborn'. I agree, may each day be a bit better, until they are all GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Dear Becky,I am so glad you were reborn. The world is a great place with a sweet lady like you. Hope that each day helps you to get stronger. Continued thoughts and prayers for you, your family and friends that are there to see you through this.

Linda said...

Hope that today is better than yesterday and each day following...
have a peaceful one!

Southerncook said...

Becky, It was wonderful to see you post on your blog. What a journey you are on right now but I too am praying that each day will be better than the one before. You have so many people across this country praying for you. {{{HUGS}}}