13 July 2009

Update on Sunday: Day -6

After not sleeping well Saturday night, I came home and crashed after being in the clinic yesterday. Sunday was the day I had to have a loading dose of Dilantin (900mg) before starting Busulfan today. Dilantin is an anti-seizure drug. The loading dose is huge, so side effects are common. Most people get very dizzy and are known to fall. It had to be taken in 3 doses, 3 hours apart, starting at 4:00 yesterday evening.

I was 15 minutes late getting started, but that was not a problem. Sally had to really wake me up to get me to take the first dose. Then I went right back to sleep. When I woke up for the second dose at 7:00 I managed to stay awake. Last dose was at 10:00p. I have been dizzy from this drug. The top of my head feels swishy. If you are familiar with the motion of the old waterbeds from the 1970s, that is the best way I know to describe it.

Because of my dizziness and the storms in Nashville last night we did not go out to eat. I really want to try Rhumba, so maybe Mike and I can go tonight. Blackstone’s Brewery and Grill is also on our list. Two more nights till I check into the hospital and two more restaurants at the top of our list. Hoping those will work out. But, in the spirit of giving a dinner report, I had cottage cheese (4% milk fat – boy did I feel decadent) crackers, iced tea and a Twinkie for dessert. My mind is having an odd time wrapping around this diet!

Mike is on his way up here to Nashville after making it safely back home last night. Sally is going to hang around so she and I can go test drive the Jag this afternoon. Donna says I can't drive taking the Dilantin, but I can ride. And if I go in a convertible I have to go TOP UP!!! Sacrilege, I tell you. Sacrilege.

Slept a little better last night and will give today's report later.
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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Becky,
You are being a real trooper. Keep up the good attitude and do what the docs tell you! I pray you get to go to your restaurants!!! xoxo hugs, Joanie

Anonymous said...

Becky I just wish you the best. I love your sense of humor in spite of what you face every day. I would love to follow along daily if I may. You encourage me.

Becky said...

Joanie, thanks so much. I appreciate all you're doing to keep my spirits up and inspire me. I look at you and know I can get there, too!

Florida Sue, thank you so much. I'd be happy for you to follow me. It's a new adventure for me and I am taking it day by day - expecting the best.