03 July 2009

Moving weekend

Bone marrow biopsy went as scheduled on Wednesday. I have gotten platelets every day this week, so hopefully what I have will last me till Monday. After the transfusion yesterday my platelet count was 45,000. I don't remember the last time they were that high.

I've been trying to decide what to take to Nashville with me. The apartment is furnished, including dishes and kitchen things. We looked at one of the apartments on Wednesday. No colourful dishes. No cast iron skillets. Missing a lot of things I consider necessities. But I certainly don't want to move too much stuff. I've packed up a set of Harlequin dinnerware for four. Mostly reissue, but a few vintage pieces as well. Also went through the kitchen and filled a couple of copy paper boxes with things I think we need. Still need to put in some Tupperware and I have to pack my clothes. That's on this morning's agenda. We need to leave by 1:30 or so in order to get there in time to get the keys before the office closes.

Our apartment is on the ground floor and we have a little patio. But they say grilling is against the law. Some kind of fire code thing.
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Lizzy said...

Good luck with setting up the new place...I know you'll want to make it seem more like home! Wow, platelets of 45~hooray!! That should last you the long weekend.

As far as things to bring, I know my sis and BIL requested DVDs. I think some of the treatment messed with his vision for a while, so even though they are not big TV watchers, funny movies did help to entertain them. My sister kept a blog on his progress. I also bought her a salad spinner and veggie brush, although Kevin wasn't eating salads while neutropenic. In fact, he's still off most fresh fruits and veggies and lunch meats. He has some GVH of the gut so I don't think that's typical.

Prayers continue~Kevin found the transplant less traumatic than his original induction. Sounds like you have a great team of doctors, so hoping it is the same for you!!!


Linda said...

Good Luck with it all Becky...
Prayers for you and your family continue...