18 July 2009

Saturday: Day ZERO ~ Part II

Let's try a new tone for Day Zero - my second birthday. The first day of the rest of my life. They tell me I will get a T-shirt that says, "Life Begins at Day Zero". This is a Pointer Sister day. "I'm so excited. And I can't deny it....." Plus I slept for few hours.

My Life According to Jimmy Buffet gave me the bright idea to turn on iTunes. I have every album Jimmy Buffet has ever made, as I have been a fan for years. Long before he was popular, when he was playing in little bars and coffee houses around the South, I went to hear Jimmy and the Coral Reefer Band sing and play. Sometimes when he'd come to our school there wouldn't be but a dozen or so of us in the audience. They'd sit around with us between sets, drinking and talking. It was a wonderful time. So I have well over a gig of Jimmy tunes that will play for around 20 hours. Jimmy got my heart rate up to over 45, or else drowned out that beeping enough for some sleep. The beeper has now been reset to 37 as I've dipped to 38 several times. I really think it because I meditate and am so relaxed. (See This day I remain calm and relaxed. in affirmation list). People who practice meditation regularly have a slower heart rate. And I am really into the zen of this now.

I've actually done meditation for many years, but consistently for the last five or six. Part of my meditations includes affirmations. This is one of my favourite morning affirmations and I have started Day Zero out with it.

Morning Affirmation
This day I am strong.
This day I have greater physical and spiritual energy.
This day I remain calm and relaxed.
This day I think more clearly.
This day I understand more of what I perceive.
This day I have only constructive emotion.
This day I feel great.
This day I live in service and help to others.
This day I assume authority and accept responsibility for myself.
This day I perform my intended purpose.
This day I am more than my physical body.
This day I remember better who I am.

My CRNP (Anne here in the hospital) came in and said they are probably going to move the transplant up to 1:00p as that will give plenty of time for the Thymoglobulin to clear my system. I have had no bump in platelets for the last three bags. The protocol will now be to just give me a bag a day on general principal, and have the Red Cross do HLA typing for me. That typing can't be done on the weekends, so it would be Monday before they can start doing it. They have my HLA typing because of the transplant, so typing will be done on platelets that come in looking for a good donor for me.

Also, my nurse says the reason I am probably not sleepy is all the steroids they've been giving me. Not being a person who does much with steroids, I wasn't really aware of that side effect. Knowledge is a good thing.

I've had a good breakfast. (This day I have only constructive emotion.) I have discovered that the menu list they give you here is pretty much like the Pirates Code. Sort of a guideline. I can live with that, now that I know what it is. Breakfast was pancakes, syrup, sausage, Rice Krispies, whole milk and orange juice. A very nice lady brought it to me and I ate it thinking of the nutrition it is providing me. (Don't laugh! I worked really hard at that one!!!!) Mike is on his way over from the apartment with a large Starbuck's mug of freshly ground, freshly made coffee. That will be delightful. My first cup of the day.

Sally and I talked a few minutes ago. She was asking me was I all excited. And I really am. The anticipation of this day has been here for so long and now, Here it is! I am so very grateful to my young donor. He has given me a gift beyond price.
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Patricia said...

Dear Becky,
I love your morning affirmation. What a great approach to life...and your NEW life, which is about to start today!
Blessings and prayers to you all!!

~~This day I will know that the best is just getting started for Becky.~~


Southerncook said...

I am tearful as I type this because I know you have been waiting for this day for so long. Prayers for you all day Missy. I love your positive thinking. {{HUGS}} from me as well and I look forward to reading your first post after the transplant is behind you.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday Becky!
You go girl!
Prayers for a peaceful night and wonderful new beginnings....

MileHighBaker said...

With MJ gone, perhaps his estate would sell you the rights to the Birthday Song, now. Looks like you'll be needing it. Yippee! Continued prayers for all involved.

PS I was thinking about how athletes get 'Roid Rage' and wondering how that could be reconciled with your meditation. LOL

ChristopherM said...

Mike is lucky that all you're getting with the steroids is insomnia. I had to be on them for my last two surgeries, and I was downright MEAN! I think I even told my sainted grandmother to go away and leave me alone! Sending all my best to you darlin'!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the transplant has gone well and that you have tolerated it so far with flying colors. Hang in their kiddo, you obviously have so many people who adore you. I am pulling for the very best outcome and I have a feeling that indeed, it is going to be a whole new life. Fall back on those affirmations..I continue send you all my strong and positive thoughts. It's tough right now for you..this too shall pass.


Gevrey said...

Just thinking of you Becky and hoping everything went well yesterday and you are finally getting aome rest.
My prayers are still with you for a speedy recovery.
Loved your daily affirmations.


Paula aka mecookin said...

Wishing you a day of rebirth and health, Becky. Take care, My Friend!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Hi Becky, I hope you're doing well today, you've been on my mind.

I, too, really enjoyed that you shared your daily affirmations ~ sound, focusing soul food for the spirit. :)

Great memories of Jimmy Buffet; we love his music too ~ it's feel-good stuff. I play him while I'm doing chores around the house to make the time more enjoyable.

Take care, sweet, strong lady ~ you're always close in thought. Lots of positive energy coming your way.

xo ~m.