17 July 2009

Friday: Day -1

I love seeing the days count down. Only one more to go!

Woke up around 4:00 wide awake. As I'd been sleeping most of day -2 that is not such a big surprise. And I was a little hungry. No tomato sandwiches to be had, so an un-iced strawberry pop-tart had to do. Do any of you buy pop-tarts? These are not things that I purchase and I discovered it is very hard to find them around here without the icing.

For the Thymoglobulin I am premedicated with steroids. Then I get more steriods about halfway through the dose, then more at the end. I've had the middle dose, and so far am not experiencing any reaction. Normal drip rate is 83/hr. After the reaction they changed mine to start at 40/hr and after a couple of hours without problems, jump up to 60/hr. I seem to be tolerating this fine. My nurse asked me a little while ago if I wanted to try raising the rate back up to normal. I was willing to try, but Mike was highly opposed. I can understand that, so I stayed with 60/hr. For the third dose (tonight) they are wanting to try to get it started earlier so that my body can have a certain number of hours of rest before the transplant.

Besides the premedication I am connected to things at all times. Lots of things. Oxygen to breathe, cardiac monitor, respirator monitor, pulse monitor, blood pressure cuff, oxygen level monitor. Sheesh. It's enough to make a person feel sick. I am not the Borg! I am resistant. I refuse to FEEL sick.

I wish we hadn't got off on administering this drug by 12 hours. Mike wants to be with me while I get the Thymoglobulin, aka Scary Drug. It takes 10-12 hours at this lower rate and he's been here with me all night. In a chair that looks most uncomfortable and doesn't lay down. I'm trying to convince him to go back to the apartment and take a nap. He says he will once all the scary drug is finished.

They just came and did morning vitals, including weighing. I lost 5 lbs since I checked in here. Who would have thought an awful high fat diet would contribute to weight loss???

I will go ahead and post this. Then write more later.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Becky: Sending good thoughts for you and your dear donar for a successful transplant tomorrow. I admire your inner strength and bravery and your very generous heart. Stay strong dear lady, we're all pulling for you.
likestoread/The Other Martha from the Contessa board.

Linda said...

Hope you have a good day today and all goes smoothly...almost there to the finish line....
Prayers continue for you from many...

Kelly said...

Becky, Read your blog daily. Praying for a good transfusion and lots of blood cell making in the next few weeks. Hang in there with all the drugs, the worst part being the side affects. Hugs

Kelly Keith from CMG

Judyzee said...

Many of us are praying for you and hold you close in our hearts..


Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Hang in there Becky, you're strong and I'm happy to hear you are tolerating the treatments without incident.

Keep up your terrific attitude, every moment is one step closer to restored health!

You're in my thoughts and prayers each day.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog *every* day, Becky, to check on your *progress* and make sure you are doing well. I remember that blood pressure cuff from when I was in the hospital; I thought of it as a octomermaid, clasping my arm gently and slowly increasing the intensity and then .. releasing me once more. Darn thing was going on every 15 minutes, it seemed.

Warm hugs and good wishes for you and your wonderful donor.



Anonymous said...

I am sending you every single bit of meditative positive energy that I possibly can. You have such a sweet spirit and a strength that is truly remarkable. All my best to you. I am keeping you close by in my thoughts.


ChristopherM said...

Dearest Becky: you're going to make it after all (tosses hat up into air). :)

Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

My dear Becky,
You are amazing! I aspire to your positive attitude and unbelievable spirit as you face "scary" medicine and delays that must be frustrating. Sending you bouquets of positive thoughts and lots of love,