20 July 2009

Monday: Day 2

Well, it's 3:30am the morning of Day 2. I still feel kind of like I'm moving through molasses, but at least my fever is down in the 99.something range. What I mainly feel is hot with a headache. I'm going to work on feeling better as the morning progresses.

time passes....8:15a...My temp is staying down. I'm still sort of draggy, but I haven't had fever in 24 hours. They want to xray my head because of this constant headache. I'm getting no boost from platelets, so they want to be sure I have no bleeding in the brain. I know I had a hard time after the transplant. There are a good 12-20 hours I don't remember. But I really do feel better now. And most everyone feels better in their own home than in a hospital. I have gazillions of pills to take. May have to make a spreadsheet for those. But I am sure Mike and I can come up with better food than what comes from the kitchen here.

time passess... 9:30a... OK Peeps. Grab your bags, we're making a clean getaway!!! I'm going with all sorts of caveats. And I have to get an IV antibiotic before I leave. But I get to leave the hospital and go back to the apartment. I feel so incredibly blessed.
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Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Becky, I'm sending you best wishes at your new BIRTH day!

I'm so happy you are able to go "home" so quickly. Without a doubt your home-away-from home will be a welcome treat compared to the hospital.

Sending you all kinds of positive energy for the easiest recuperation possible. Keep that positive attitude going, you're doing GREAT. xo~m

Patricia said...

Yippee!! Shhhh, now, before anyone comes and hears too much commotion, just tiptoe on out and head for home! Home is so good!
Seriously, you must have done a very good job as a patient to be on your way home already!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Happy 2nd day or your new birthday!
I know you'll enjoy a good meal at your home away from home.
Likestoread/Martha (from Barefoot Contessa proboard)

Gayle said...

Praise God for all of your blessings!! It's so good to see you posting today..You are such an inspiration to me. I know you will sleep like a baby dove in the bed of the apartment! Rest well friend. Gayle (aka socalgal)

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky - I'm so happy for you. I know how you feel....I couldn't wait to leave the hospital after my mastectomy. I begged my doctor to let me go home after 1-1/2 days. It was heaven!

Anonymous said...

Becky, how great that you are able to leave the hospital.I hope that you continue to make good progress.

Linda said...

That is so amazing that you can leave the hospital so soon after such an ordeal...enjoy being in your own bed..it will feel wonderful, I am sure. No one waking you at 4:00am for vitals!
Have a peaceful night...

Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

Becky, I'm keeping up with every detail you share. Amazed you got back to your apartment so soon, but very happy for you! There is no sleep, no peace, and definitely nothing good to eat in the hospital! Aside from that "new life" stuff, I'd say it's not any place for you, for sure! Hope you left the headache at the hospital with all the other undesirable stuff. Hugs and happy thoughts for you and your whole family. My birthday is Sunday, but it won't be quite as exciting as yours!
Love, Cora

Gayle said...

Paulo Coelho's The Magic Instant post which includes these words:

Every day – together with the sun – God gives us a moment in which it is possible to change everything that makes us unhappy. Every day we try to pretend that we don’t realize that moment, that it doesn’t exist, that today is just the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow. But if you pay attention, you can discover the magic instant. It may be hiding at the moment when we put the key in the door in the morning, in the silence right after dinner, in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us. This moment exists – a moment when all the strength of the stars passes through us and lets us work miracles. I thought you would enjoy this quote. Gayle