18 July 2009

Saturday: Day ZERO

So the big day is finally here. I'm excited. And somewhat anxious. Not anxious about the transplant itself. But my heart rate and blood pressure have been acting weird. They expect my blood pressure to go up after the Thymoglobulin, and it has. Normally mine runs around 110/65. It's been as high as 175/94 during the last 48 hours and at last check was 150/79. But since shortly after the last dose of Thymoglobulin ended yesterday evening at 11:30ish, my heart rate has been down in the 40s, with the lowest recorded at 41. Normally my resting rate is around 60. It has pretty much stayed in the 40s since it got there.

My nurse called the doctor on call to come examine me. He ordered an EKG. The results showed all rhythms normal, but slow. I feel fine. My heart sounds fine. My colour is fine. My pulse rates match my heart rate. This is something they don't normally see, so instead of getting unattached from all these monitors, I'm still wearing the oxygen and cardio ones. And that stupid cardio one BEEPS LOUDLY every time the rate goes below 45. They say they want me to rest. Now I ask you: HOW CAN A PERSON REST WITH CONSTANT LOUD BEEPING? Do I sound fractious? I've been awake since 4:00 yesterday morning. Some 24 hours and a few minutes. Even the IV Benadryl before the Thymoglobulin didn't put me to sleep. But it did leave me with the headache I typically get after taking it. I should explain that it is not concern about the heart rate and blood pressure keeping me awake. It's that incessant beeping!

So I have to say, this hasn't been the best night I ever spent. Fortunately Mike went back to the apartment before all this nonsense started. He wouldn't have been able to sleep at all and one of us needs to be awake at transplant time!!! But I did get my nurse to promise to tell me if she thinks I should call him. Cause he would be most distraught and never leave me alone again if something happened when he wasn't here. Heck, I've got the doctor on call sleeping in the call room on our floor for me. And I'm sure not sleeping with the beeping. Not only does the beeping happen in my room. It happens at the nurses' station, too. Which is right outside my doorway - not four steps away.

And I just noticed something. In the 10 minutes or so I have spent writing this post, that beeper has been silent. Maybe I can get some sleep after all. And make a much more positive post a bit later today.

Good morning starshine!
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Mary said...

Continued prayers and blessings headed your way, Becky! Good luck with the transplant, and hope you get some sleep.


Judi said...

Namaste! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers all day.....love, peace and healing...Judi

Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky, I know exactly what you mean. When I was in the emergency room overnight from bleeding a year and more ago, they had that monitor on me, and every time I dropped off to sleep, my breathing and heart rate would drop (I was relaxed, duh, and my heart rate is naturally low and lowered yet more by the drug I take), and then that d*mned beeper would go off and wake me. Over and over. They kept lowering the threshold, trying to get it below my normal sleeping rate, but finally refused to do so more, saying if they put it that low, I would be dead. Since I had nearly bleed to death that evening, maybe they had a point. But I was so exasperated. I feel your frustration.

We prayed for you in church this morning; I may not be a Catholic (Ron is) but I do believe in a something-more-than-us and that calling on that power does good.