13 July 2009

Monday: Day -5

This morning I woke up feeling really light headed and sort of slow moving from last night's Dilantin. Sally and I did not make coffee here, so I just took my Nexium and we went on over to the clinic. Thank goodness for the Starbuck's there. The medical part of the day started out pretty much the same as usual - get vitals, have blood drawn, etc. Got the Zofran (anti-nausea), Decadron (the steroid) and Fludarabine (the chemo), today added Busulfan and fluids. Also had my daily visit with Donna and Dr. Kassim. My blood counts were good enough that I did not have to have any transfusions today.

My friend, Sheri, had called yesterday on her way home to Mississippi from the HLCCA Conference in Pittsburgh. She was bringing me some conference goodies and made her route home work to come through Nashville. Then she called this morning to let us know where she was and about when she would be here. I was already in treatment, so Sally went to meet her and get the boxes. Sheri is just the sweetest person! And I was THRILLED with my conference goodies. I so appreciate that she took the time to come through here. Friends are indeed special. Tomorrow I want to open my boxes and make some photos.

Busulfan takes three hours to infuse so I did not get finished today until around 1:00p. Just before I was getting ready to leave, Mike called to let us know he was here and coming to the clinic. (Needed a key to get in the apartment.) So he met us, got the key and came back to the apartment to work. Sally and I (with instructions from Donna that I could not drive and if we went in a convertible the top had to be up - Sacriledge I tell you) went back to the Jaguar/Porsche dealership. We took the Jag S Series for a test drive. It's a very nice car. Sally is thinking about it. It takes a long time because the salesmen all have to do their spiel. And then the manager has to come do his spiel. By the time the Jag time was over, I didn't really feel up to going out in the Porsche. And I couldn't drive anyway. So we went off to an antique mall instead.

Yesterday I mentioned that the midcentury shop was gone from 8th Avenue. That was incorrect. It is not gone, but it is very different. The store was divided into three sections. Once has now become vintage clothes, one is mostly empty with some newly re-made midcentury icon lamps and clocks, and the main section does have some stuff. Seemed pretty empty, though. I got some vintage recipe books that had Harlequin and Fiesta in the photos. Also a vintage menu of a Turner-like flamingo print, a tablecloth and a couple of tea towels. There was an antique mall across the street. All it yielded were some huckweaving tea towels and art deco perfume bottles.

By the time we got back home it was after 4:00. Once again I was really tired and somewhat dizzy, so after Sally left, I went to bed. Mike woke me up around 8:00, but I couldn't get myself in gear to go to dinner. Instead he fixed me some scrambled eggs and toast. Took my Levaquin before supper and another dose of Dilantin about an hour ago. I'm feeling a bit dizzy again, so I think I will go back to bed.
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