01 October 2009

Death of a Convertible

I am so sad. My convertible is no more. The wonderful news is that DD#2 is going to be OK. She was shaken up, is very sore, has whiplash and a little scrape on her elbow. But the doc checked her out thoroughly. Some fool driver who was not paying attention turned left across her lane directly in front of her and she couldn't stop in time to keep from hitting him. Both the airbags went off. The windshield is broken. The front is completely crunched. The sides are crunched and the doors wouldn't open. DD was driving with the top down so she was able to climb out. She called me crying and so upset. This is one time I really hated and resented being up here in Nashville instead of with my baby who needed me. Fortunately my sister, Sally, was able to get over to the scene and be there in my place. The driver of the other car is fine. He was in a big Lincoln Town Car. My convertible didn't stand a chance.

Goodbye little Sebring. I will miss you! Thank you for taking such good care of my baby.
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Lizzy said...

I'm so glad your dd is OK. Whew. But as a mom, I understand your frustration being away from home--so good that your sister could step in. It won't be long till you're back to the nest.

Erica said...

Becky........So glad that your daughter is okay, I can understand you being away from her. I've been there myself. But you are well on your way home. So sorry about your car..... prayers are being sent your way.

cathyb said...

thank goodness your girl is okay but what a terrible experience! As a fellow Sebring convertable owner, we share your pain at the loss! May your new car protect you and your family just as good if not better.