18 October 2009

Sunday ~ 18 October: Day 92

Good news, good news. My Friday labs were some of my best counts ever! Platelets were 228, an all time high. My white count was 6.3 with neutrophils of 5.09. The red count was down slightly, but that's still expected. It was 2.98 with hematocrit of 30 and hemoglobin of 10.8. Still I am not complaining. My bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday went fine and now we are waiting for results. Something else that came out of this is that I got to skip seeing the doc from this past Tuesday to this coming Wednesday. A whole week. This is progress!

Day 100 rapidly approaches. Besides seeing the doctor Wednesday, I have a whole slew of tests set up. Eye doctor, pulmonary, bone density, etc., etc., etc. I also think I am going to take part in a post transplant study on prevention of ocular GvHD. When the eye doctor sees me, she will determine if I am showing signs of getting it. If not, I'll do the study. Every day for a year I will put drops in my eyes in the morning and at night. I won't know if I have the real drug or the placebo. But it will be good to help out in this regard. So many people have helped me, it seems such a small thing to do in return.

Also on Wednesday (it will be Day 95) I am hoping they will tell me when I can go home. Thinking positively and keeping my fingers crossed!

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Lizzy said...

It sure sounds like you'll be home soon. My fingers are crossed, too!

Thibeault's Table said...

Becky, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending good thoughts your way.


Erica said...

Becky.......Looks like your on your way to "Home Sweet Home' soon. I'm going to keep you in my prayers and special thoughts.....I'm happy you are doing well.

Monica said...

You are still in my prayers. Glad to read that your are doing so well.

Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

It may seem like I haven't been around, but I do check in regularly to find out about your progress. The news I'm reading today is wonderful! Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Wednesday news is excellent for going home! Good thoughts coming your way, today and everyday!

Southerncook said...

Becky, Everything sounds GREAT. I can hear your excitement as I read your post. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I do hope you will be able to go back home soon. {{{HUGS}}} to you.