02 July 2011

Pear Salad ~ Comfort Food

I love looking at vintage food ads. Recently I came across these two and boy did they bring back some memories.

While we never used the featured product, we did often have Pear Salad. And it was more like the salad in the first ad. This was something my Mom grew up eating, so obviously it has been around since at least the Depression. Mimi and Mom would put some home-canned pear pieces (we didn't have commercially canned Bartletts) on a lettuce leaf, top each with a dollop of mayonnaise (NOT Miracle Whip), and sprinkle the top with grated cheddar cheese. And if there wasn't any lettuce on hand, pears were just put in a fruit bowl before being topped with the mayonnaise and cheese. I can remember how good those tasted! It was one of my favourite salads as a child.

Right after the transplant when I wasn't able to eat much, Pear Salad again made an appearance on our menus. Then it sort of dropped off the radar again. Seeing the ads made me hungry for Pear Salad last night, so I fixed some for my supper. I realize it's not sophisticated nor at the cutting edge of culinary delight, but it's nostalgic and comforting. Though I don't have home canned pears now, I think using store-bought ones are a reasonable facsimilie of the salads I grew up eating. And I just happened to have the main ingredients on hand.

Did I mention this is EASY? Only three ingredients:


Pears with mayo:

Topped with cheese and plated in a lilac Fiesta fruit bowl:

Pear Salad
Per serving:
2 pear halves
2 tsp good mayonnaise
2 Tbsp grated cheddar cheese

Arrange pears on serving plate. Dollop a teaspoon of mayonnaise into each one and sprinkle each with half the cheddar cheese. Serve and enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Daphne said...


Making this salad was one of my very first "cooking" lessons as a child. Thanks for the memories!

webbie said...

An all time favorite. I even remember the first time I had it, my cousin Shirley served it. Truth be told, there is always a can of pear halves in my pantry for when the craving comes upon me.

Lovely pics!

Whitney said...

Becky! OMG...I thought me and my mom were the only weirdos on the planet who loved this! This is comfort food for me, LOL my mom used to make it when I was little except we used miracle whip and Sharp cheddar. I have made it for my kids and the only one who loves it like I do is little Aidan :) now I want some!

Lottie said...

Lots of great memories come with pear salad! I remember my mother making pear salad whenever she cooked a special meal. I have a can of pears on my grocery list now! Happy 4th of July!
Thanks for reminding me!

Tricia G said...

I so remember eating these growing up. We still have this on occasions.

Katherine said...

My mother put it on a leaf of lettuce, which made it pretty. She used Hellman's. I still love this salad. Makes me want some!

Claudette Vassey said...

This was a salad I had growing up. I still make it and sometime use fresh pears when I can ripe pears. Sooo... good. Thanks for sharing.