06 May 2009

Health update ~ Wednesday 6 May

Yesterday I spent most of the day at my doctor's. I had lab and the appointment with him early. Then I had to come back for transfusions and didn't get out of there till 5:00ish. There was both good news and bad news on my blood counts. Neutrophils were 0.9. That is the best they have been since before I went to Italy last summer. This is wonderful! The bad news was that my platelets were down to only 2000. That is the lowest they have ever been.

I knew my platelets were low as I was bleeding and looked like a person with the measles who had been mugged. Little red dots and bruises all over. So I got transfused with 2 units of platelets and 2 units of red cells yesterday. Tomorrow I have to go back to have a CT scan and an MRI to be sure I have no internal bleeding or abcess that is causing the pain in my hip and shoulder. I'm thinking positively on that front! And I do hope we can figure out what is wrong with my hip. In many ways I am feeling better, so I'd like to be able to stand up and cook, etc. while I have the energy.

Yesterday is also the day my first potential donor was getting their blood drawn for testing. Vanderbilt told me that it will take about two weeks from when they get the blood before they will know if the person is a match for me or not. So things are happening!

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Anonymous said...

Life is a valley and then another hilltop. The trick is to pace yourself and to keep going and enjoy the scenery along the way. From what I can tell from your blog, you have that mastered.

I hope your hip problems are nothing serious and that your platlets start cooperating and I hope a donor is found asap.

Keep thinking the good thoughts. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Teacup said...

Becky.......Glad to hear that your Neutrophils were good, but sad that your platelets were a lil' down.

At least you have a sense of humour with you looking like you were mugged.:-)you said. Will pray for your outcome with Vanderbilt...."to be ASAP"

Take care and lots of prayers coming your way.

Erica (((HUGS)))

Mary said...

Becky, you continue in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the donor is a match and things can proceed at Vanderbilt.

Hang in there!

Hugs to you,
Mary P.

Cora said...

Hey Becky, good to hear from you, even if he news is good and not so good. Testing donors is a step in the right direction. My blog is in a state of limbo, between Blogspot and my new domain name - but I'm still here keeping good thoughts for you. Stay focused and I will too. ~ Cora