12 April 2009

Easter Fiesta

Decorating and playing with dishes both make me happy.

Lilacs in the lilac vase and cascarónes in the red footed salad bowl moved to the table in the foyer.

The dining table has a new centrepiece: 19" ivory platter holding a wire egg stand I got a few years ago from Martha Stewart's catalogue. DD#2, Abbey and Donnie did the dyeing and decorating of the eggs.

Hope everyone has had a most happy day.
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bakinbits said...

I love these pictures, Becky. I adore lilacs but we have a while to wait for them to bloom. The smell of lilacs brings a smile to my face, and your picture is the next best thing. Your Easter Egg Tree is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

I adore lilacs and the egg stand is really cute.

Becky said...

Thank you so much, ladies. Lilacs never last as long in the house as I would like them, but they are so wonderful while they are here.

That egg tree/stand has been a hit since I first got it. I really miss Martha Stewart's catalogue.