24 April 2009

Roseanne Roseannadanna - It's Always Something

Sometimes I feel like quoting this character, created and played by Gilda Radner, on the old Saturday Night Live.

Wednesday night I noticed a spot on my left eye. Kind of like when you have looked at a bright light and have an afterglow when you close your eyes. It wasn't really dramatic or out of the ordinary enough for me to think much of it. Well, last night the spot was still there. Same size and not floating. And, the spot was red whenever I'd blink. Like looking through a piece of stained glass. I don't really see it much when my eye is open, just mainly when I blink and close my eyes.

As I was supposed to get my picc line bandage changed today before I got blood & platelets, I decided to ask one of the nurses about it. So I did, and she went off to consult with my doctor. My doc wasn't there, and the other one wanted me to see my eye doctor. So this afternoon, after all the transfusions, that's where I went.

After having my eyes dilated, the eye doctor determined that I have a retinal hemorrhage. These apparently can happen when platelets are low. It's been pretty much the same size since I first noticed it Wednesday night, and the eye doctor expects it to go away eventually. She wants me to come back in a month for a recheck. Apparently there is nothing to do to prevent this from happening again, and nothing to do about this one but wait for it to go away. I really was glad the eye doctor could see me today. At least I know what it is and don't have to worry about a detached retina or something worse.

She also had them refract me for a new glasses prescription while I was there. I needed one as I only get new glasses every couple of years as a backup for my contacts. Now that I have to wear glasses until after I get off of anti-rejection drugs, I'd like to be able to see as well as possible!

P.S. Gilda Radner wrote a book about her journey with ovarian cancer, but I have not read it. She did personally record it as an audiobook, and just today I have downloaded it on my iPod. In the introduction she talks about when she was diagnosed and says, "Suddenly I had to spend all my time getting well." I can so relate to that! The story chronicles her inspiring attempt to keep an upbeat attitude during her illness, and the title is It's Always Something. Cheers to you, Gilda. and thanks for all the memories.
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