10 January 2011

Snow, snow, snow: Part 1 = Snow Ice Cream

I just adore hearing Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby sing. (Danny Kaye is not bad either. But did you know Vera Ellen did not do the singing for her character? Trudy Stevens actually sang her part - except for the arrival scene in Vermont at the train station.) This song is from my #2 all time favourite movie: White Christmas. While "Sisters" is my favourite song from the movie, "Snow" is the more appropriate song for today. We woke up to somewhere between 9" and 10" of snow!!!

In a post back before Christmas I said that living in the Deep South I had never seen a White Christmas in my life. Had I been home instead of at DisneyWorld, that would have changed. Our part of the world did have a White Christmas in 2010. I only recall snow several inches deep a few times in my life in the places where I have lived. Until this season, I think we have only had significant snowfalls three or four times in the last 30 years. Having two big snows less than a month apart is just unheard of here.

When I started hearing the forecast for this winter storm I felt quite depressed. I was finally supposed to start the Vidaza treatments after a two week delay because of having the flu. Snow and ice meant that everything here would be closed and no way to start treatments today.

But I got to thinking. One of the things I think I have been supposed to learn from the challenge of having this disease is patience. In my life previously, I must honestly admit that patience has not been one of my shining virtues. So today is another opportunity for me to learn. Given that there is nothing I can do about the snow, I have decided to have fun with it. And it does have a wonderful silver lining. DD#2 has a snow day off from school. I am treasuring all the time we get to spend together, because I know I will be missing her dreadfully when she goes off to college in the fall.

Whenever it would snow when we were growing up, we ALWAYS got to have Snow Ice Cream. (That is what we called it in Louisiana. When we moved more east, I discovered it is referred to by most people here merely as Snow Cream. That still sounds odd to me.) If a snow was predicted my Mom would set out some dishpans or large bowls on our picnic table to collect the snow. Then she would bring it in, stir in some sweetened condensed milk and voilà: Snow Ice Cream. The Guy and I had gone over to see her yesterday and she had her bowls out, ready for my sister to go sit out on her patio table. When we got home, I got out several of my large Tupperware bowls. Then last night as the sleet was changing to snow, I put them out on the table on our balcony. Not only are the bowls full, there is snow piled up a good 4" or more over the top edges of the bowls.

But before I get to snow ice cream, we had to have some breakfast. I participated in several Secret Santa Exchanges this past year. One of my secret Santas sent me homemade cherry preserves! Such a treat. Cherry just might be my favourite preserves ever. And homemade on top of that! Big WOW! The Guy made us some coffee and toast. My toast got topped with the lovely cherry preserves.

And in keeping with the weather, we ate off of our Fiesta snow face plates. This design is actually the Snowman made for Tamarak, but I like to call it a snow face as there are other Fiesta snowman plates.

To make snow ice cream, we have to work quickly. Don't want the snow to be like Frosty and melt! Only two ingredients: sweetened condensed milk and a big bowlful (or more) of snow.

Milk poured over snow:

A special treat for us to enjoy, once again using the Fiesta Tamarak Snowman as an underplate:

We were so decadent! Snow ice cream was our lunch today!!! Enjoy and keep warm.

Snow Ice Cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 or more large bowls full of snow

Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk over the snow and mix well to distribute the condensed milk evenly throughout the snow. Dish up and serve immediately. Leftover snow ice cream can be stored in the freezer, or outside if the temps stay below freezing.

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Hilary said...

What fun Becky! I love your photos. Funny but I've never heard of snow ice cream nor snow cream living north of the Mason-Dixon line. I know of egg cream though :)!

Patricia said...

My kids would have loved this idea all those years we lived in Minnesota! I will kep it on file now.....just in case......someday......maybe in TX!!

Linda said...

Looks great Becky...
I also have never heard of snow ice cream living here where we have snow all the time...
Looks like you and your DD had a day that memories are made of!
Thats a good thing!

Becky said...

Ladies, ladies! You all have really been missing a treat. Some people I know just go out and scoop up snow, but we always put out bowls to catch it. And my balcony has no access other than through our bedroom door, so no chance for critters to disturb it.

I can remember my grandmother making this with fresh whole milk, vanilla and sugar, rather than the sweetened condensed milk. Hers was really good, too. I know she put the milk in the freezer and used it when it was a thick, slushy consistency, but I have never done it like that.

If you have fresh snow you might want to give it a try. Snow ice cream has a texture unlike any other frozen dessert. It's the only ice cream I really do love. And we will have some more today!

MileHighBaker said...

Becky, I remember making Snow Ice Cream when we were kids. Mom only did it about once a year when we got a HUGE snow. We did go dig it out of a snow bank, but we brushed off the top layer and made sure not to go too deep. Mom always thought the first bit of snow might not be clean, but this was back when acid rain was a big topic, not that we really lived anywhere that was concerned with that. And we made it the way your grandmother did. We also made snow candy, but I can't recall what went in it except maybe maple syrup. I'm sorry for the delay in your treatment. And I know a bit how you feel. I'm famous for saying, 'Yes, patience is a virtue, just not one of mine!'

Southerncook said...

I've never had snow ice cream and have experienced snow living in N FL about five times but never did we make snow ice cream. I wish I had known of this wonderful treat. Maybe the next time. At Christmas we got snow flurries but nothing to stick.

I enjoyed this post so much and LOVE the snow man plates. I could hear your JOY as I read this post and your treatments will begin soon enough. I am also very happy to hear that your flu may be past???

{{{HUGS}}} to you Becky and you always continue to be in my prayers.


Cathyb said...

It has been a loong time since I made ice cream snow - In fact it would have in 1962! I got the idea after reading one of the Little House on the Prarie books. The recipe we used however, called for maple syrup instead of sweet condensed milk as that is what Laura Ingalls used. I still remember how good it tasted!

Sandra Regina said...

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Não temas que Deus é contigo....

webbie said...

My mom used to make it with vanilla, sugar, and milk. The best part of a good snow! I like the idea of the sweetened condensed milk. But I am most fascinated by the fact that people who get lots of snow every year have never made snow cream. I have a Canadian friend who never heard of it until I spoke of it.

Craig Miyamoto said...

I would try this, but ... well, y'know. LOL.

re Vera Ellen, yes, I did know that, but only because I did some research for my movie blog entry on "White Christmas" this past holiday season.