06 January 2011

Thursday Medical Update

Yesterday we left before daylight to head up to Vanderbilt. Most of my counts looked better than they did the last time. My platelets were up a little. My white count and neutrophils were up enough that I am not neutropenic anymore. My liver enzyme counts were up - way up. (That's not good. We'd like them to go back down to normal.) They're giving me some medication for that, thinking the elevated numbers are a result of the flu and the Tamiflu. I started on it yesterday afternoon. My Vitamin D was way down again, so I'm getting that megadose pill again that I take once a week for six weeks. Then they put in my picc line. I still have the flu, but it is improving. The doc says even though I was vaccinated against it, my immune system is still too fragile to fight off some of these things.

For the most part it was a good day. Today the home health nurse came by, brought supplies and flushed my picc line. That's going to have to be done twice a day now, because we're only using saline and no heparin. I really am glad the Guy doesn't mind doing it for me.

So looks like everything is on track. I'm on schedule to start the Vidaza Monday here in town. They will do bloodwork first and look at my liver enzymes, but at the moment, nothing contraindicates beginning treatment on Monday. I'm just going to figure that the universe is unfolding as it should.

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Regina said...

What good news, and now I hope that it continues every day until all of this is behind you, Becky!

Joanie said...

That's all good news! I love hearing your counts are going up! Yay! You are amazing and wonderful. Everything is going to be just fine!
hugs, Joanie

Craig Miyamoto said...

Go, Becky, Go! I am so heartened by this optimistic news.

xoxox Craig

Monica said...

Great news! One of our close friends had his transplant this past week. His brother is his donor. He is doing well also. He is at MD Anderson in Houston. This is also where my husband had his. I found your blog while looking for other Fiesta collectors. I enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to read about your recovery. You are in our prayers.

Monica Venzor