16 January 2011

Updates: Medical and Weather

What an unusual weather week we had. FIVE Snow Days. Finally the snow is beginning to melt. We had fun. It was very pretty, but I am glad to be getting back to more normal weather.

The Guy and I were able, with much care and some slip-sliding down the hill, to get out of our neighborhood Wednesday so that I could start on the Vidaza treatments. We were successful in this on Thursday and Friday also. Now we wait and watch my counts. I go on this next Thursday for blood tests. Although my counts are expected to drop, we are hoping they don't drop too low. If they look OK on Thursday and the week after that, the next week I will start the second round of treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positively.

Friday before the snow I woke up with my tooth hurting. Because my dentist is closed on Fridays I put in a call to her and started taking the pain medicine the docs at Vanderbilt prescribed for me. Weather kept things closed, so I wasn't able to see the dentist until Thursday. After X-Rays, consultation with Vanderbilt, etc., she gave me a preventive antibiotic and sent me to the endodontist. I saw him on Friday. Those people have some spiffy equipment - a digital X-ray machine that gives instant feedback on a computer screen. None of the X-rays showed any abscess, so more consultation with my hematologist here. Finally they left it up to me.

Given that I had been in pain and taking meds for a week, the endodontist didn't think it was going to get better on its own. Given the X-rays didn't show anything, the hematologist preferred for me to wait three weeks before getting anything done. I just didn't feel right about that and elected to go ahead and have the root canal. And I am really glad I did! The nerves in the tooth were almost completely dead and very infected. Endodontist said it had probably been going on for a month or six weeks. This has likely been the cause of my white counts and neutrophils being off the last few weeks. My mouth is still sore from the procedure, but I began feeling better Friday afternoon, as the underlying pain started to disappear. And besides the pain going away, I've also gotten rid of the infection that's been stressing my immune system. So far this seems to be working out OK.

Today I am hoping to get the Christmas dishes packed back away and maybe toy with the ideas of a few new tablesettings. Playing with dishes is a small thing that makes me happy.

Home health nurses will be coming here to change my picc bandage twice a week, and I will be staying home, being a hermit, and avoiding the very appearance of germs. Thank you all so much for your continued care and concern. I appreciate it so very much!

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Lizzy said...

Hi, Becky,

Good call on the root canal...so glad it all flared up early in your treatment while your immune system was closer to peak functioning. I know all our good thoughts and prayers are working when you relay stories like this one...take care, my friend. xoxo

Regina said...

WOW, what a week you had, Becky! I'm so glad you listened to your body and got the root canal done! Now we will be praying for good numbers on Thursday. Ah, new table settings -- can you post some pictures when you feel up to it?

Anonymous said...

oh Becky teeth can cause lots of problems as yours did...I'm so glad that you are feeling better and (((hugs))) go out to you today Special Delivery....love you Chatty Cathy

MyBecca said...

Yes! Tablescaping heals many things. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Linda said...

You have had a doozy of a week...
I hope that your treatments will work quickly and you will be back in better health as soon as possible!
Take care!
Continued healing thoughts and prayers coming your way!

Erica said...

Becky......glad you got rid of one problem and are feeling a bit better. Still you are in my prayers and thoughts. I'm sure you will be in better health with those treatments before you know it. (((HUGS)))

Becky said...

Thank you all so much!

Lizzy, it's true. And isn't it amazing how you can see good thoughts and prayers in action? I realize some people are skeptical, but I absolutely know they work.

Regina, I got to feeling better for awhile this afternoon and did a tablesetting. Will get it posted on my blog tomorrow.

Kathy, I really hope your Mike is doing well.

Rebecca, I had so much fun with this table. Got to see somethings I haven't set eyes on in a couple of years. LOL.

Linda, I'm behind on reading, but really hope your leg is doing better. Take care of yourself. That can be scary.

Erica, thanks! I always do better with hugs. :-)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Oh wow, nothing like a toothache to add to what you're going through. Thinking about you all the time and wishing only the best!

xoxox Craig

MileHighBaker said...

Yuck! Root and canal are two words most of us hope not to hear together, even under the best conditions. Glad you are on the mend and that nastiness is out of your body so it can deal with the other stuff. And I saw that next table setting... gorgeous! You know, I always think something like that looks lovely, but the ability completely escapes me. Good thing I can make food look good! ;^)