19 June 2009

Salad Plate Dinner for a hot summer evening

The temperature was 98° here on Thursday! And it was still in the 90s after 9:00pm. I was thinking of grilling salmon for dinner, but with my red cells being low I didn't have a lot of energy. Instead I opted for a mixed salad plate dinner.

The Menu:
Louisiana Stuffed Eggs
Simple Chicken Salad
Crunchy Pea Salad
Coined Potatoes
Carr's Table Water Crackers
Non-Alcoholic St. Pauli Girl pretend beer that must be labelled as malt beverage

Cool salads were just the thing for a summer evening meal. I served them on sunflower Fiesta with a vintage tablecloth and Depression Glass tumblers.
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Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

A plate full of salads is truly a treat in the heat, especially on my favorite color Fiesta plate!

flowermom said...

Oh be still heart but that is a lovely tablecloth!!!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Beautiful Becky!

I love everything, from the tablesetting *sigh*, to your mouthwatering dinner/supper :) I would be so happy with that combination.