05 June 2009

Surviving HAIR DAY

Thursday turned out to be a long, but fun day. DD#2 and I both got our hair cut for Locks of Love. My donation ponytail is 12" long and DD's is 18" long. They will be going off in the mail today.

We got out to my niece's house about 11:00 and she had everything waiting for us. I was first to sit in the chair. After brushing, measuring and putting my hair in a ponytail, the first cut started. I said I needed a glass of wine, but Kiki just kept on cutting. I didn't even hyperventilate, but I didn't look in the mirror for awhile. Then she worked on the cut. Once it was quasi in what she said was good shape, she started with highlighting. This involves using a pick comb to select sections of hair, paint the sections with some bleach solution and wrapping them in foil. I had to let the highlighting sit for a while, so Kiki started on DD. 18" is a lot of hair to cut! But I have to say, DD looks very cute.

We both decided to get true red highlights and I also got a perm to be curly. During the afternoon we took turns being in the chair having something done to our hair or being the photojournalist recording all this for posterity. Not having had any of this kind of stuff done to my hair in 25 years, I'd forgotten how long some of it takes to get done! At the end of the day, our appearances were quite different and we were excited about the new looks. DD is thrilled! She said she didn't realise she could get colour highlights and is very happy. Neither of us wound up with what we originally had in mind, but we both like what we ended up with better. HAIR DAY was a great success!

It was 7:00ish when we got home. Mike was already here and opened up the door to the garage when we drove up. He was not expecting DD to have red highlights, but after the initial shock, he likes it. He likes mine for me, too. This guy is so lucky! He got to take two lovely ladies out to dinner. Abbey & Donnie joined us and a great time was had by all.

I think it will take me a few days to get used to the new cut. My ears got cold and there was no hair to pull over them. LOL. But this is going to be fun. I can't wait to see my Mom's expression when she sees us. There are quite a number of photos, but they are on DD's camera. I will try to get some of those posted later today, but it might be Saturday. Platelet transfusions are on this morning's agenda and I might wind up sleeping all day.
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~M said...

I'm glad things went well for you. It can be quite a tramatic experience to get so much hair cut off. I know!!!! Can't wait to see pics. :) Just think...someone else will have the pleasure to wear your beautiful locks someday soon.

Cora @ Cora Cooks said...

Waiting for those pictures and glad it went well!