20 February 2010

Toasted Sesame Chicken Salad

Toasted sesame oil is a wonderful addition to your condiment or oil collection. I use it in all manner of things. And a little goes a long way. In fall of 2008, Mike and I went to the Omega Institute in upstate New York for a week long program. Their little cafe served wonderful, healthy foods. One of my favourite things to get for lunch was their chicken salad wrap. While there was nothing wrong with the wrap, I thought it needed a little something. Well, lo and behold, the cafe had toasted sesame oil out with their condiments. I opened my wrap and drizzled a little of the oil over my chicken salad. Ah! Wonderful! After I got home I put together this salad recipe that is reminiscent of what I ate at Omega. It's super easy and quite tasty. Be sure you use the tender celery stalks WITH leaves. I really think the leaves add another layer of flavour.

Here is the salad served in a sandwich with whole wheat bread on a Fiesta Watercolor series luncheon plate.

Toasted Sesame Chicken Salad

2 whole boneless cooked (poached, rotisserie, etc.) chicken breasts, chopped
2 or 3 inner ribs of celery including leaves, diced fine
1 or 2 green onions, sliced in rings
toasted sesame oil

Mix together the chicken, celery and green onion. Stir in enough toasted sesame oil to moisten. Just use the amount you like to get the texture you prefer. Refrigerate until serving time. Good for serving as a salad or in a sandwich.

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