12 June 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Tex-Mex meets Music City

Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Check out her blog to see who all else is playing along with this week's party.

DD#2 is a rising senior so we are going on college visits this summer. This week we went to tour Vanderbilt in Nashville. We arrived Thursday evening and went to eat at a Tex-Mex restaurant called Chuy's in the Cool Springs area. We've been there a couple of other times for lunch and ate out on the patio. This time we were seated inside in what can only be called the Elvis Room. The entire room is painted pink with pictures and sculptures of Elvis everywhere. There is even an Elvis shrine - true cultural diversity, hence the Tex-Mex meets Music City.

Yes, this was my view during dinner. I am still not quite sure what to think of it. And if that weren't over the top enough, we were seated beneath an upside down pink Cadillac.

Don't let the decor of this room scare you off. They make great Cheese Chile Rellenos and their flour tortilllas are TDF.

I've been looking at other Pink Saturday posts and was delighted to see this one on aprons by Barb at DogMom Diva. I just love aprons and wear them all the time when cooking.

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Happy Pink Saturday!

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Mary said...

It's hard to believe your "baby" will soon be heading off to college. It's a good thing you still have that wonderful senior year to look forward to. Becky, this post was perfect for Pink Saturday. I suspect it will be the most original of the day. Have a weelend. Blessings...Mary

Kiki said...

Lovely pinks!! yay! Happy PS

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Becky, thank you so much for the shout out...so fun to meet new ladies..
Ok that Elvis room is the bomb. I would love to go see that, and the thought of chile rellenos is makin me really hungry. Is that a chain restaurant, must not be in CA:( Now I am hungry...must.have.chile rellenos.tonight.
Thanks for stopping by..oh and have fun on the college tour..we did that in the summer of 1998 before my youngest son's senior year, the CA college tour..so much fun.
HPS! Barb

Bernideen said...

How very cute!

Catharina Maria said...

Lovely pinks !
Have a good weekend ♥RINI♥

someplace in thyme said...

They grow up too fast...Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Our Back Porch said...

Cool Springs is a cool place. Haven't been to Chuy's though. I'll have to check out that Elvis room. LOL Happy Pink Saturday!

Back Porch Blessings,

Roberta said...

Too funny...first I love your comment lead in...Pieces of Mind...and I don't know if I would have an appetite in the Elvis monument room...OMG! Thanks for stopping by for PS and welcoming me...so happy ;D Fondly, Roberta

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Why must they grow up :) My oldest is going to be starting his 4th year in college this fall, and my youngest will be a sophomore in High School...my middle child, my daugher, is married!! They haven't made me a grandma...yet...not ready for that!! :)

Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Warmest, Brenda

Erica said...

Becky......I can't believe how fast time flies by. I remember her starting high school. Mine is in her 4th year of College and lives at home b/c the University is in the city. Bu she's already looking around to continue elsewhere, so we to soon will be looking around and visiting.
Love the restaurant, I love places like that with interesting decor.
thanks for sharing.......:-)

nannykim said...

Yikes, that must have been some place!! I just hope your food wasn't pink. Thanks for the visit to one of my blogs, (the monkey one), and have a great week!

nannykim said...

ps. I love aprons and wear them every day too!


Oh! I love it! blessings!

Julie said...

What a fun Pink Saturday post!!

Happy (Belated) Pink Saturday!!!

Kimberly said...

Great pinks to share with all of us!

Cathy said...

I love the pink room and all the Elvis stuff. We have a Church of Elvis here that is a favorite tourist stop.

Oh, they grow up so fast, don't they?

Jingle said...

cheerful pinks.
loved it very much!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm still visiting all great Pinkies! So happy belated Pink Saturday to you! Love your post, thank you for sharing! Esther XX

sweetlife said...

i love your pink saturday, an elvis altar, wow ...I have heard of Chuy's, glad you had a great time. wow I can't even imagine my girls' being seniors..