30 October 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Chihuly Pinks 2

Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. She loves pink and graciously invited the rest of us to play along. Check out her blog to see who all else is enjoying this week's pink party.

Last week I posted a couple of photos from Dale Chihuly's 2004 exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. My Mom and I had a wonderful visit there. This week's Pink Saturday contribution includes some more shots from that same exhibit.

Both of these pictures feature orbs - hanging and floating. Some of the orbs are over 18" in diameter, perhaps even two feet.

Hanging in a palm tree:

Floating in a pond:

I love the reflections of the ones in the ponds. And the ones in the trees look like giant Christmas tree ornaments. Check out Chihuly's work if you get the chance. You will marvel at the beauty.

Happy Pink Saturday!

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Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Becky.

These are gorgeous. What an incredible exhibit. Thank you for sharing.

Southerncook said...

Becky, your photos are just beautiful. It is so strange, as often as I go to Atlanta I have never been to the Botanical Garden. It seems that each time we go our time is filled with so many things to do. I think the next time I am there I MUST make the time to go and to think I am a gardener.


Roberta said...

Lovely photos of the gardens and it reminded me of the exhibit we saw last year in Pittsburgh while visiting my son...they had beautiful glass sculptures all through out the gardens and it was a magical Christmas display. Happy Pink Saturday! Be sure to hop on over to my blog and check out the giveaway I'm having for all my subscribers. Fondly, Roberta

Nancy said...

I have only seen his work on TV. How lucky you were to visit in person! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

Craig Miyamoto said...

You have a lotta fun on your pink quests, don't you, Becky? Good work!

Donnie said...

Loved your Pink Saturday post. Everything was so lovely and different.

Becky said...

Thank you all so much. I love Chihuly's glass. He is such a master.

Beverly, THANK YOU for hosting Pink Saturday!

Carolyn, I really enjoy the botanical gardens in Atlanta. This exhibit was the same weekend Ina was doing the booksigning for Barefoot in Paris.

Craig, I do have fun looking for things pink. Mine are usually different from most Pink Saturday contributions, but hey, being different is good. :-)