06 May 2011

French Pinks ~ Part 1

I have written before about the Interim program at Tori's school. Interim is every year in March, the week before Spring Break. It's a time when the students all do something educational that is not in their regular classrooms. There are many choices of things to do, including trips. This year her French teacher decided to take a French trip to France instead of Canada. She is actually from France, so that made it really special. Tori signed up for this trip as soon as she heard about it, and the Guy and I were lucky enough to get to go, also.

The trip was just wonderful. Spring is a lovely time to visit as so many flowers are beginning to bloom. The weather was nice and not too chilly most of the time. We flew into Paris, but immediately headed up to Normandie, where we spent several days touring before returning to Paris.

Quite a few pinks were around and I'd like to share these displays with you.

Bush beginning to flower near Pegasus Bridge in Normandie:

Flowering tree entering Honfleur:

Smart Car outside the casino at Ouistreham:

Display in a shop window in Tours:

Straws on the bar in the Hotel Harmonie, Tours:

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Today I am linking up with Beverly's Pink Saturday @ How Sweet the Sound. Check out her blog to see what others have chosen to represent PINK this week. I'm also posting with Jenny @ off on my tanget for Alphabe-Thursday where this week's Letter is "D" - D is for Displays of Pink. Thanks so much for stopping by! And tune in next week for a second installment of French Pinks on Pink Saturday.

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Beverly said...

Wow! So very exciting, and your photos are stunning. That must have been a memorable trip for all of you.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day, Becky.

Cathyb said...

What wonderful memories you brought back for me. We love the Normandie area especially Hon Fleur. Happy Mother's Day!

Riet said...

Beautiful pinks in your post. Isn't Normandie beautiful?
Happy pink Saturday

Gabriela Delworth said...

Bon jour,

Happy Pink Saturday!

Great pinks!

Tisha said...

Did you visit Rouen? Just a stunning place.

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What exciting fun to get to go to France! Your pictures are wonderful...loved the colorful straws!
I have not been to France, but it is on my Bucket List...lol!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! What a great experience for your family!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

jeanne said...

What a wonderful trip and your photos are beautiful. I want to go to France one day.
Happy Mother's Day.
Hugs, Jeanne

LV said...

What a great and exciting trip. Glad I got to go with you through your lens.

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

How exciting! France must be absolutely lovely! My daughter is going to Ireland this year for a semester of school so we MUST go and visit, ha! I am your newest follower btw!

Happy PS,

Sarah said...

What a fantastic opportunity for those students, and how lucky you two got to go along. Normandy is a delightful place to visit. ~ sarah

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
Beautiful pinks in your post. I would so love to visit Normandie, and I am so tickled you took me along with. Thank you for the beautiful tour this evening. Love the gorgeous blooms everywhere. How romantic is this.

Sure do love that little Smart car. Can you imagine riding around in one of those? Wouldn't be safe here in the Phoenix freeways.

Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Martha said...

We were in Normandy last week touring the D Day sites -- a really pretty country but the countryside reminded us so of Kansas -- except for the wonderful farm houses which looked nothing like Kansas!!!

We even got to go to a small market in a little town (where we had a marvelous lunch).

Lynne M said...

Oh to be in Paris. Off to have a little daydream - sigh!!!
Happy Pink Saturday.
Lynne M

Naturegirl said...

Anytime of the year in Paris is wonderful! I am thinking of when I visited a few years ago..so many Smart cars and yes they do belong on the busy streets of Paris where there is limited parking and these wee cars pull into the smallest parking space! The window shopping the food the people watching the pastries...ahh.such sweet memories!
Your daughter is blessed to have had this learning experience ..perhaps one she will return..wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

Pat said...

I've been fortunate enough to visit many of these places too. I'm sure you had a terrific time - how could you not?!

Happy Mother's Day.

Terri Morse said...

What a wonderful experience this must have been! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. Have a lovely weekend, and Happy Mother's Day! Terri

Regina said...

Beautiful scenes and captures!
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Mom's Day and Pink Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I'd love to go to Normandy sometime...

Your photos are just lovely.

Lola said...

Hi again!

Great ‘D’ post - Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

Have a great weekend ahead & look forward to *seeing* you again next time,


Btw Alphabe-Thursday

Jingle said...

great post.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Lovely photos,

Jenny said...

That picture of the smart car made me smile! All of the sites were really neat! I've never been anywhere near where you travelled and it appears it should really be on my bucket list for 'someday'.

Thanks for a delightful stop for Alphabe-Thursday.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Becky,

What a wonderful trip this must have been...I'd love to visit Paris and all of the street markets. I'm visiting for my first time for Alphabet Thursday. I do hope you'll pop in for a visit!

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

Judie said...

Sounds like a great "family" vacation! I have never been to Normandie.

Jenny said...

Oh gosh, you lost so many comments here.

I was by yesterday but wanted to stop again so you know I was here.

I really enjoyed all your lovely pictures. Your delightful post made me smile!


myorii said...

I love the pink flowers! Wow, that must've been a nice trip. I've never been to France so if I ever go, I need to remember to go during the Springtime :)