20 November 2010

Pink Saturday ~ a fabulous pink Chevy

Wanna take a ride? Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. She loves pink and graciously invited the rest of us to play along. Check out her blog to see who all else is enjoying this week's pink party.

I have to tell you all, I am so excited about my contribution this week. There is a story behind it. Some months ago one of my facebook friends posted a photo of an antique truck that had been painted pink. She plays harp and they passed by this truck on one of her harp playing excursions. In the caption she mentioned it was located in a town in rural Alabama. After quite a bit of searching I discovered the pink Chevy pick-up is not in a town in rural Alabama at all. It is in a town in rural Georgia! But not too far from the state line, so I can see how the confusion happened.

We were at Sanibel Island last week and I decided to try to find the town where the pink truck lives. Google is such a friend. It turns out that by making a slight detour for our trip home, we could pass right through that little town: Cuthbert, GA. I am also working on a photo essay of water towers. (More on that later.) As lagniappe, Cuthbert also happens to have a fabulous water tower that is located right in the middle of the highway. Obviously, this was a not-to-be-missed photo opportunity. (One of those things that I used to refer to as a sign from God.) I HAD to go by here.

As an aside, do any of you go out of your way sometimes to make photographs? Or plan particular photo opportunities into your trips? I do this all the time. The detour we took was actually quite a bit more than slight, but it really did work well into our drive and we got the opportunity to see an area where we've never been before. And along that route we saw a lot of beautiful fall colour with all the leaves turning.

It's a fairly long drive from Sanibel to Cuthbert and we arrived in the late afternoon. The sky had become quite cloudy and the Guy was concerned that I would not have enough light for good photos. But that was not the case. I was quite happy with the light, the photos and the town in general. I also want to mention that this town has other pink things, too. Pink doors on a shop. A menu board written in pink. Signposts to large billboards painted pink. Pink trim on buildings. And this was just around The Square. It was a fun place to visit. As it had gotten so late and we still had miles to go before we slept, we didn't stay very long. I'd like to go back someday and spend more time exploring. Who KNOWS what other pink things might appear?

The picture at the top of this post has been digitally edited in Photoshop. I posterized it and applied actions that will normally make photographs look like vintage postcards. Also gave it some depth and a frame. It was a fun project. And here are some other shots of this wonderful pink Chevy.

First view I got, seeing it from the front:

Close-up of the front badge:

A quick glance at the cab:

On the hood just above the passenger side fender is the logo with the model number:

A single mirror on the driver's side:

Great! There's a spare tire:

Full view of the driver's side:

Tailgate with pink chains:

And the view everyone passing by on US 82 sees as they approach the town square from the east:

Wouldn't you just love to have one to go driving?

Across the road is a store with pink doors:

And apparently they sell food as I saw this menu board:

And one last thing: I got a new little image editing program called Kaleidoscope. It was introduced to me by someone on the Disney boards. Many quilters use this program to make new designs. Here are my first two attempts at playing in this program. I started with the photo of the side mirror on the truck. And then the fun began!

Happy Pink Saturday!

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Annie said...

What a sPINKtacular story with fabupink visuals. I loved this from start to finish. I came visiting to see the Kiwi marmalade and stayed for the Pretty in Pink roadshow.

Kits Chow said...

Wonderful story! Loved all the hot pink, especially the Girly Girlz.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can't say I go out of my way for a photo op but I try to have my camera with me all the time so I can catch whatever shows up.

PS Love your music!

Anonymous said...

Love that pink truck but what's even cooler is the way you tracked it down and went out and found it so you could get the photos!! Thanks for sharing with us! Jennifer Grenko

Love of the Sea said...

What a great post. I loved the background story on how you found this truck. Very cool! I was in Sanibel two weekends ago. Isn't it a wonderful place? I love going there. Happy Pink Saturday to you!!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea said...

What a great truck and love the story!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this morning :O)

Have a lovely weekend, Becky.

Maggie said...

That's a fabulous story, and a fabulous truck! I would love to have that!

Happy PS!
In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae @
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Anonymous said...

I just love this story and your picture. I've been working with PSE for some time, still a novice though. I try to do more each week. I like the look of the postcard and don't you just love to go on adventures like this. Great story. Something my husband and I would do. My mother's side is from Rome GA. Some are still there; others are in Gadsden Ala, where my Aunt lived. That state line between Gadsden, AL and Rome GA kept me guessing as a child. My dad used to say it would take us no time to get there but two hours to get back. I was in amazement because it was true. I was too small to know about Eastern and Central time. I still visit that area often. I think it is pretty there in the foothills -- mountains to me -- it is what I consider home. Thanks for the journey Terri - www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

Donnie said...

Those pinks are really fabulous. Loved the truck, so cool. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

So many lovely pink. Cute truck and like that menu. Have a nice day.

LV said...

A wonderful pink feature for today. I love that pink truck.