06 November 2010

Victory for LSU!!!

LSU 24 - Alabama 21

Oh happy day, oh happy day. The final whistle blew and LSU was ahead. Were my Papa (who played football for LSU) still here, he would have been thrilled. Victory in Tiger Stadium. Is there anything better?

Some victories are just so much sweeter than others. Les Miles becomes tied with the formerly illustrious Nick Saban to be LSU's winningest coach against Alabama. And no matter how many fans get irritated with Les Miles, I love him. He keeps college football exciting.

Hey! Fightin' Tigers! Fight all the way!
Hey! Fightin' Tigers! Win the game today!
You've got the know-how, You're doin' fine
...Hang on to the the ball as you hit the wall
And smash right through the line.
You've got to go-o-o-o! for a touchdown
Ru-u-un! up the score!
Make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar. ROAR! !! !!
Give it all of your might as you fight tonight,
And keep the goal in view, Victory for LSU!!!

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Dena E's Blog said...

Wooooohoooo, I'm soooo HaPpY for all of you!!! Super~Hubb's here was rooting all the way for Iowa today,, the Hawkeyes..
I'm origanlly from SO. Cal soooo I have no real preference...There is something neat though about people staying loyal to a certain team..
Blessings and Hugs Dena

JEANNE said...

Hi Dena, I just brought up your post and my hubs, a dedicated Gator fan as are my children who graduated from there, is on the phone with one of our daughters discussing LSU's game yesterday. I am happy for your win over Bama. A close game. The game you played against the Gators was a stunning win for you. We were at that game and figured we won and in 29 seconds LSU game back and beat us. Sigh, it was a sad trip home. Smile.
We will be in Gainesville for our game against SC this weekend. We have season tickets. I hope we win. We live in NC now so it is a long trip to go to the games. Our dtr. lives in Jax, we stay with her. As you can see we love football too.

May the best teams win.
Hugs, Jeanne

JEANNE said...

OMG, I just called you Dena. I am sorry Terri. I was distracted listening to my hubs talking about your game. Silly me.
Jeanne, again

JEANNE said...

Becky, now I am seriously embarrassed. I hope you can forgive me. I could blame it on my age but I really don't want to admit it. HA! I have no excuse now. I must have had a brain f..t. This is the upside. You know have 4 comments. Smile. Where is everyone this week? I have the least amount of visits that I have ever had. Life is busy so I too have limited time to visit my blogging friends. I love blogging so I will not give up. I hope you are laughing at my silly mistakes.
Jeanne AGAIN!!!

Julie M. said...

Congrats to you team on their big win! We're big college football fans over in this corner as well.

Becky said...

Thanks ladies! We were thrilled with the outcome of the game.

And Jeanne, not to worry. You gave me a smile this morning. :-)