02 March 2009

Off to see the wizard...

well.... maybe not exactly. But I am off to Nashville to meet with the transplant doctor. The appointment is at 11:00a. My doc told me to go prepared to spend the night in case they want to do some tests. We will find out when we get there. I got my medical book filled out and hope I remembered everything. Lots of questions about past medical history. And honestly, I don't remember what year I had my gall bladder out. I'm sure it's not critical as I have a general idea, give or take 5 years.

I got 2 units of platelets on Friday, so I'm hoping those will hold me till I get back. Right now I'm set up to see my doc here again Tuesday morning, but if I wind up staying in Nashville, they are moving me to Wednesday. I'll be anxious to see all my blood counts then.

So a new step on the journey. Wish me luck and think POSITIVELY.
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Mary said...

Hi Becky.Sending best wishes and many, many positive thoughts your way.

bakinbits said...

Becky, positive thoughts are being sent your way that this will be the journey that will bring you good health. That is my hope for you.

Cora said...

First of all, I voted for Sophie the other day! I am the proud grandmother of a Yorkie named Olive and a Wiemaraner named Grace.
Second, I have been/am/was wishing you good luck with your doctor visit. I know you'll let us know something as soon as you know. Until then, I'm positive!

Joanie said...

You have all of us rooting for you!
This new step is the first step to getting back to feeling GREAT again!
Here's to a good visit with the doc today. And there is every reason to be positive!!!!!!! love, Joanie