10 March 2009

Tuesday Medical Update

Oh Happy Day! This morning my neutrophil count was up to 0.6. This is up from 0.2 last Thursday. And this was all on my own. No shots to boost the counts. Well, not all on my own. I know everyone's visualisations have helped! Had to get platelets this afternoon, and that was expected. I go back to my doc on Friday. Will surely need more platelets then. Maybe red cells, but we will look at the counts to see.

Mial and Sally both got their donor test kits yesterday and both went today to have their blood drawn and sent back to Sarah Cannon. It goes next day air, so I'm hopeful preliminary results will be back by my appointment up there on the 23rd.

Other good news: My Mom got out of the hospital today. The problems appear to have been caused by dehydration. She went home with Sally for a couple of days, just to be sure everything is back on track.

As my NE# is above 0.5, I can go out in public and eat fresh fruits and veggies. Mike and I are off in few to go to our favourite Mexican food restaurant. Yippee!

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~M said...

I so happy things are looking up for you. I will continue to think of you everyday.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news. Enjoy!

bakinbits said...

You made my day with your good news, Becky! (Hugs) from Hanover, Regina