18 March 2009

Wonderful, wacky Wednesday

Yesterday I had my regular Tuesday appointment with my doc. Lab report showed my neutrophils still holding at 0.7. For me that is a good number, but I'm hoping it will continue to rise. Red count was fine, but platelets were way low - only 7. Because of the reaction I had at the last platelet tranfusion they gave me plenty of medication before my transfusion started. It totally knocked me out and I barely woke up enough to get home and back in bed here. And it was so effective that I didn't open my eyes until Mike woke me up at 10:00 last night to take my Exjade.

St. Patrick's Day dinner totally got missed! Good thing we are flexible. We shall have it tonight instead. The menu is:

Assorted Irish cheeses (from the cheese-of-the-month club)

Citrus Glazed Irish Boiling Bacon
Fried Irish Potato Farls
World's Best Braised Green Cabbage
Irish Soda Bread (from my friend, Regina)
Irish Beer

Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries
Shortbread Cookies

All I need to do today is make the farls and bake the Irish boiling bacon. Should be easy. It's a beautiful sunny day. I love spring!

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