06 March 2009

Silver linings

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Yesterday my Mom, Sally, my niece Kiki (Sally's daughter), and Kiki's husband, Mark, had gone out to lunch. At some point the conversation turned to me having to find new homes for Sunshine and Picard. Well, it turns out that Kiki and Mark have been thinking of getting a parrot for quite some time. They have offered to take in both Picard and Sunshine for as long as they need to stay. They will send them back at the end of the year, or keep them if I'm not able to have them back. How amazing! I explained that Abbey is trying to work out a way to take Pico. And I have since talked with her about that again and it looks like it will work out.

The new plan. Kiki is coming over today to collect Sunshine, his cage and all his paraphernalia - food, toys, treats, playstand, etc. They have a great place for him to live in the open plan main level of their house - lots of windows and 4-6 children (depending on who's staying with them and who is with their other parent at any given time) to play with him and give him attention.

Sunny in his cage:

Sunny out on my rubber tree plant:

I have always thought that sun conures are some of the most beautiful of all birds. Their Latin name translates to "miniature macaw of the sun". Very apropos, I would say. They don't show in either of these pics, but besides the gorgeous oranges, yellows and greens, Sunny has wing feathers that are a beautiful sapphire blue. Sunshine doesn't speak much English, but he is very playful and a great watchbird. I'm confident he will be happy at Kiki's house, as he is going somewhere that he knows the people.
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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news about the birds. So glad you don't have to give them up completely. I'm very happy that you found them a good (hopefully temporary) home.


Linda said...

Becky I am glad it is going to work out so well for your beloved birdiekids....
It must be a relief for you!

flowermom said...

Becky, I am so glad that your birds are going to be kept in the family! I'm sure this eases your heart immensely!


Cora said...

Becky, I've never seen pictures of your birds. They are stunningly vivid and bright - indeed, like having your own sunshine in the house. I know you will miss them, but am glad you will know where they are until they come back home to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to find a good place for them to wait patiently for you to get better. That is one less burden for you to worry about. ((Hugs))

judie said...

Hi Becky. I've been here before but not for awhile. Judi sent me back! :) She loves you! Your bird is totally awesome. I used to have a sun conure. His name was Simon. He went everywhere with me; walking on the beach, riding in the car, biking. He was my second self. He went to birdie heaven one day so I know how you feel about being apart from yours. But at least he will be with family. I've had a macaw for 15 years. She is my baby. I am praying for you girl! I know you are going to come through this just fine. Maybe you should stay out of those antique shops for awhile though. They are usually kinda dusty. God bless! xoxoxo

Elaine said...

Oh, Becky... the birds are gorgeous! I think Sunny looks like the "Fiesta" of the avian world! All those colors, and he's so bright and cheery! I'm glad you've gotten good fosterhomes worked out!