21 May 2010

PacMan turns 30!

PacMan fans unite! Today is the 30th anniversary of the introduction of PacMan. Google's home page has a mini working PacMan game. Check it out by clicking here. While I played PacMan back in the day, I was more of a Ms. Pac afficiando. When I had knee surgery in 1982 and had to stay laid up in bed for weeks, I spent many hours with the Atari playing Ms. Pac, Frogger and Space Invaders.

So I just found out about Google's home page from DD#2. She came in so excited to tell me about it. Then she watched me play a game and said, "You play PacMan better than me." First time I've ever done better at a video game than my children! I guess it's like falling off a bike. Once you know how, you never forget. The old reflexes are still there.

Happy Birthday PacMan! Thanks for all the fun times and the memories.


P.S. I think the Atari is downstairs in the big TV cabinet in the rec room. Hmmm. Might have to check that out tomorrow. I'm sure I haven't played any of those games in at least 20 years!
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