21 October 2008

Elusive red laundry equipment

After much research I finally decided on the GE Frontloading Steam Washer & Dryer. I really want the steam feature and GE has the pedestal smart dispenser that holds enough detergent and fabric softener to wash clothes for six months.

So this morning I went to my local appliance store to order them. They were supposed to be available by 9 October. Well, according to GE's website, they are not going to be available till the end of January! The sales associate who was helping me is trying to get in touch with their rep to find out what is going on and will call me once she talks with him. I hope the date on the website is a mistake. But if it's not, I will just wait. This set will need to move to the farm with us and GE service is available everywhere.
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papa said...

I'd LOVE to have a set of these! But they would be worth more than my house!

And, of course, I would have to have the red set (unless they came in CHARTREUSE!!!!!)

Becky said...

Oh papa, they are so cool! Only come in white, champagne and red. I LOVE red. :-)

Kristen said...

I am so envious! That's the exact model I would pick!!!
Hope you get them before January!!!!

Becky said...

Thanks Kristen. We tend to keep appliances a long time. LOL. At the farm we still have the first dryer we bought when we got married in 1978. It needs replacing, as does the washer here in town. When we get the new red ones, they are coming here, and the dryer we now have here is going to the farm. I am so looking forward to these. And just from standing in front of them in the store I can't tell you how much better it's going to be to have the pedestals. No more bending over to pick up a heavy bunch of wet clothes. Hooray!

Sharon (junefour) said...


They are gorgeous! I am jealous!!!