27 October 2008

Monday medical 10-27

This morning I go get blood tests and see the CRNP who works with my doctor. If my counts are too low I will need to get a platelet transfusion. I don't feel like they're horribly low, but I've been wrong on that before. Could be on the edge. If I don't have to get a transfusion, I'm going to come back home and spend time in the kitchen. Veggies from the last CSA box need cooking, plus there are all the pears we brought home from the farm. If I get transfused I'll be too sleepy from the Benadryl to function for several hours. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Once Upon a Plate said...

I hope it all goes well for you today Becky. I'm sending all kinds of strong, positive thoughts, prayers and soothing vibes your way.

Can't wait to see what you may cook up from your CSA box.

Your mention of pears brought to mind this recipe from Donna Hay, I haven't tried it yet but it sounds simple and interesting~ (If you don't mind coconut that is.)

Coconut Poached Pears
2 cups coconut milk (she didn't indicate whether to use sweetened or unsweetened)
1/3 cup sugar
1 cinnamon stick
4 small soft pears, peeled and halved

Gently heat the coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan over medium-low heat, don't allow to boil or it will separate.
Add the pears, gently poach for 15 minutes; turning once half-way through cooking time.

Serve warm, in bowls with the coconut broth. (4 servings)

I'll be thinking of you today! ~m.

JudiRedhead said...

Sending you healing vibes. I will put you on my glitter girl "good thoughts" list.

Becky said...

Thanks so much my friends.

Mary, those pears sound very good. Thanks for sharing the recipe with me. If I can get some coconut milk soon I will try them out this week. I like coconut. And I'm sure I have a perfect piece of Fiesta for serving them. :-)

Judi, what would we do without glitter? It started the first time Abbey went to Disneyland as a 5 year old, but the one souvenir we always get (up to and including last Christmas) at Disney is some of Tinkerbell's fairy dust. Most people think it's just a pretty bottle of clear, silver and gold glitter. But we KNOW it's really magic.

I appreciate all the prayers, healing thoughts and other concern from my wonderful friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart.