28 October 2008

The Peter Principal

Most of the time these days I don't get aggravated or annoyed with people. Everyone has their own stuff going on and they might just be having a bad day. But this day we have the Peter Principal at work in all it's glory. ("in time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out his duties")

I just called the local camera store about my lens to see if they could check with Nikon. The person who answered is the same female I have spoken with about my lens twice previously. Both times she told me the lens still wasn't back. Both the days I called were after the 13th of October. So today when I pressed her saying it was going to be 7 weeks tomorrow, she put me on hold for a bit, then came back and told me the lens was here. Not only that, she had a note on it that said she had called on 9 October and left me a message that it was back. There was no message on our home answering machine. There was no message on my cell phone. Not only that, I have called twice before today and after the 9th, only to be told it was not there. ARRRRRRRGH.

Pardon my rant. I am better now. And am about to go get my lens before she forgets she told me it was here. Then I will do a happy dance.
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Martha said...

I do get irritated at the often "non service" that I see at retail outlets. I miss the old days of both employees and owners of bending over backwards to help customers. Now it is almost a "couldn't care less attitude" -- even among the owners.

In this case, ranting is permissible!


Becky said...

Thanks for the moral support. I too lament the lost days of "customer service".

RainbowDishes said...

OY....as a customer service worker, I know how it goes. Customer service has gone down hill since stores like WalMart have come around. In order to give the low prices, wages are cut. Wages are cut, so the level of competence of workers goes down. Did I just dis myself? lol I like doing my job. I understand that I will never make a fortune doing that job. But I do take pride in my work. I see too many customer service people who just don't care. All I know, I would hate to be that woman today, when Becky and her 3 smileys with rolling pins come to pick up the lens! hehe