27 October 2008

Monday transfusion, High Hopes, and sleeping through the day

Ever the optimist I went off this morning with High Hopes. (We love that song here. Abbey and I were singing it last night when she stopped by and I gave her my rubber tree plant for her apartment. Said rubber tree is named High Hopes. And yes, I've always talked to and named my plants.) I was only scheduled for a CBC, not a type and cross. When the results came in, my platelets were way low. I had to go back and get the type and cross. (We're up to two sticks now.) After that was done it was upstairs to the outpatient blood clinic to get the transfusion.

I honestly don't know what I would do without HemiSync music and meditations. (For my TMI friends who are reading, I use DEC and Anti-Aging CDs the most, but a lot of the Human Plus ones are good, too.) The nurses there are very nice and give me a few minutes to listen to HS on my iPod and get off in a zone before they put in an IV. Today was probably the easiest IV stick I've ever had. (But I still got stuck THREE times today - not that I'm counting. LOL.)

Again I got Benadryl in the IV and it totally knocked me out. I woke up enough to get in the car and come home, but it's a good thing Mike drives me to these things. I came in the house, lay down on the sofa and promptly went back to sleep. So here it is 7:30 at night and I've slept throught the whole day. Sigh. Now I know I will likely be awake too late tonight. Ah well. Veggies cook as well in the dark as they do in the day. As soon as I drink a cup of tea, I'll get started on those.

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