29 October 2008

Wednesday medical 10-29 - a little nervous

This morning I go get bloodwork done, then see my doctor and get the preliminary results of the the bone marrow biopsy. While I'm anxious to find out if there's been any change, I'm also a little nervous about if there's been any change. Things may have gotten worse or maybe I will be so lucky that the treatments will have done something to improve things a little, even if we were seeing no evidence of it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Whatever we find out, I'm likely have to make some decision about how to proceed from here.

Then after that part of the appointment I'm scheduled for transfusions of one unit of platelets and one unit of red cells. That will likely keep me there until after lunchtime. After that is done, Abbey had wanted me to go to the eye doctor with her if I feel like it. Her eyes will be dilated and I'll feel better if someone is driving her. We shall see. I may be too sleepy from Benadryl. I'm keeping a positive attitude!

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Lizzy said...

Hope you get some good news today, Becky. I'm sure I told you that my BIL had the same diagnosis, although his blast count was close enough to leukemia that he elected for induction, then a stem cell transplant. If you'd like to get in touch with him (he was in his late 40's at the time of treatment), I'd be happy to share his e-mail.

I'll keep you in my prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

Becky, keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed for a good outcome today for you!