16 October 2008

Rainy day Thursday

It wasn't raining this morning, so when the blood bank called and said they could get my platelets early, I decided to drive myself and go top down. Just riding around in the convertible automatically makes my psyche feel better. Mike had meetings this morning and I didn't want to ask him to cancel them, so my sister came to sit with me whilst I was transfused. HemiSync and a little meditation do wonders for the initial stick and IV insertion. This was one of the easiest ones ever. And it was nice just to sit quietly with my sis and visit for an hour. We don't often have the chance for the two of us to do that. All went well with no reactions.

I started yawning on the way home (from the Benadryl) and when I got here I sat on the sofa to watch MSNBC. The combination of rain on the skylight and medication lulled me to sleep the rest of the morning and all afternoon. I am so grateful for the rain as we are still in a drought here. And I really hope it's been raining at the farm. We shall find out tomorrow.

It's still raining now and I'm thinking I might go make some French press coffee to get rid of the cobwebs. DD#2 won't be home until late as they are in the middle of rehearsals. She is the stage manager and they are doing Urinetown. The show premiers on Halloween.
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