26 October 2008

Saturday, at the farm, I think it was...

a most beautiful day.

The hill across the creek from the log house in the late afternoon sun. We don't get a lot of different colours in the autumn here, but the hill glows with golden beauty.

Pears! Do we have pears! There is a ancient pear tree outside the back door of the log house. The last few years the pears have not produced well at all, but this year we have a bumper crop. We brought about a peck home with us, but there are lots more to come. Carnac The Magnificent sees Pear Crisp in the very near future.

This year for the first time we also have crabapples. Both of the Prairie Fire trees were covered with blooms this past spring. And this is what has grown since. As the trees are loaded, I think every flower made a fruit.

We did not pick any of the crabapples yesterday, but I'm thinking maybe next Sunday if the weather is nice.

Amazingly through all the neglect this year, the pepper plants are still producing. We picked a grocery sack full of the different varieties, including these.


Autumn is when the various sages really shine.
Pineapple Sage - the hummingbirds love these and were zooming around from plant to plant.

Narrowleaf Garden Sage - loved by butterflies and bees, some of these flower stalks are about 18" tall.
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