24 October 2008

Lost time...

It's so strange after being anesthesised. (sp?) Part of it is the Versed, but I really have no memory of of things from noon yesterday until I work up just before midnight. Everything seemed to go well. Now we just wait for results of the bone marrow biopsy.
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Ms O said...

Big hugs, Becky!

Lea x

Lizzy said...

Becky, when I was working oncology, they only used local for BM biopsies..OUCH. Versed is a much better idea! Hope the docs can come up with a new plan of action for you. Sending you hugs and prayers!


Sharon (junefour) said...


I love versed, you don't remember a thing. I give it daily in my unit and it works wonderfully.

Continued hugs and prayers,