25 October 2008

Square Fiesta

Fiesta was first introduced in 1936. It's an art deco icon. In 1986 Fiesta was reintroduced. The line is lead-free and Made in America. HLC has done many things to keep competitive. The latest iteration is square Fiesta. This will be in addition to, not in place of, round Fiesta. I'm really liking the plates, but not sure about the holloware. Here's the press release:


New shape is center stage at New York Tabletop Market
October 22-24
41 Madison, 16th Floor

Newell, W.Va.—(October 20, 2008)—The Homer Laughlin China Company™ is extending its iconic line of dinnerware with a new youthful shape: Square. Featuring the same sculpted art deco design by Frederick Hurton Rhead, new square shaped FIESTA Dinnerware complements the brand’s traditional [round] place settings and assorted contemporary glazes.

“The new shape addresses the needs of a growing consumer segment that cannot be ignored,” says Rich Brinkman, FIESTA Dinnerware. “Younger as well as new, edgy consumers desire unique shapes, sizes and colors that speak to their personal preferences, as well as stylized home decors.”

The company is unveiling Square in eight contemporary colors at New York Tabletop Market, 41 Madison Avenue, Wednesday, October 22 thru Friday, October 24. Look for FIESTA’s new shape in the following glazes: Shamrock, Ivory, Sunflower, Tangerine, Scarlet, Peacock, Cobalt and newly introduced Chocolate. “Additional core colors will be added to the offering in 2009,” he says.

Debuting at the FIESTA showroom on the 16th floor in Square is a Dinner, Luncheon and Salad Plates, and 19 oz. Bowl and Mug, as well as a full FIESTA line of dinnerware and accessories.

Despite square silhouettes, pieces maintain a strong relationship to the company’s established ‘round’ deco offering; coupe shape and height remain the same, along with the brand’s signature concentric rings.

Homer Laughlin’s artisans rounded the edges of the Square designs. “The softened look not only helps to maintain brand continuity,” says Brinkman, “but allows the complimenting intermixing of the two different shapes.”

Softer too are the bowl and mug. “Both are square at the base and round at the top for the obvious reason”, says Brinkman, “as practicality, functionality and ease of use have always been trademarks of the FIESTA brand.”

“Softened does not mean downsized,” says Brinkman. Scale is the only lingering difference between FIESTA’s now two shapes. “Each square plate was designed a bit larger than its round counterpart,” he says. The Dinner Plate, for example, is ¼ inch larger than the round version. “Again,” he says, “to allow decorative layering of the two shapes.” Mug and Bowl are equally more generous as well.

Square FIESTA will be available at major department stores and online in March 2009.

MSRP: Suggested retail price is as follows:
Dinner Plate $18, Luncheon Plate $16, Salad Plate $12, Bowl $12, Mug $13.
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Martha said...

I grew up with Fiesta and I have fond memories of it.