22 October 2008

New medical stuff for Wednesday 10-22

Things can change rapidly. Went to my doc this morning. He had talked with my NY doc and we are all on the same page now. It's official, I am off Vidaza. We have a plan for the next week.

Today I got a B12 shot.

Tomorrow morning I go get typed and crossed and have a platelet transfusion. Then I check into the hospital and get put to sleep for a bone marrow biopsy at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Friday I go get a transfusion of two units of red cells.

Monday I get CBC, then see the CRNP for a platelet transfusion order, if necessary. (It probably will be. Platelets don't seem to last more than 2 or 3 days.)

Wednesday I get CBC, then see my doc again for the preliminary results of the bone marrow biopsy and perhaps platelet transfusion. Where we go from there depends on the first biopsy results. The actual DNA results won't get done for about 6 weeks.

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Maria (upstate) said...


You're in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the bone marrow biopsy.

Maria (upstate)

Anonymous said...

An extra big dose of prayers goin out tomorrow in hope of great results from your bone marrow biopsy!


Becky said...

Thanks so much! The biopsy went OK, so now I await the results.