17 October 2008

Stargazer Lilies & Pewter Fiesta look-alike disc pitcher

My Mom and I both adore stargazer lilies. This is the bouquet she had sent to me whilst I was in the hospital. They've been opening up all week and there are still a couple of buds yet to open. When we got home Mike put them on the hearth and the perfume has spread all over the main level of the house. The vase is a Mexican pewter pitcher that is styled very much like the Fiesta disc* pitcher.

Disc with a "c" is how Frederick Rhead, Homer Laughlin's Art Director, spelled it when he designed Fiesta back in 1936 and named this shape.
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Anonymous said...

They're a favorite of mine too Becky! So much so that my daughter is named Lillie! Glad to see you back!


Becky said...

Thanks Eileen! I never realised that was how Lillie got her name. That's really special. The stargazers are still pretty and that last bud on the top is opening up today. I love how long these last!