14 September 2008

Appetizers on the pavillion

I adore having the pavillion out at the farm. While we were based out there this summer, the Guy and I enjoyed it nearly every evening. We'd sit out, drink some Prosecco, have some appetizers and watch and listen as day turned into night. Birds came home to roost, bats came out for the evening and fireflies flickered everywhere. Some of our favourite appys are fresh figs, Manchego and local honey. So delicious.

And I love these glasses I gave the Guy for his birthday.

Although he maintains he's a realist, I always tell him that he's the pessimist and I'm the optimist. With these, our glasses are always half full.

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Once Upon a Plate said...

Aww Becky, you really touched my heart with this entry. I so enjoy doing the same thing. Although my scenery is just a bit different, it is soaking up the ambience; taking the time to enjoy and appreciate that counts.
Love those glasses that you gave Mike.

Becky said...

Mary, thanks so much. It really is about stopping to smell the roses, isn't it? I'm going to make a different fig appetizer tonight. The ambience will be different as we're celebrating a 21st birthday here, but it will be great just the same.

I think I got the glasses from Sur la Table, but it's been a couple of years.

Ces said...

Becky, I ate fresh figs for the first time during my recent trip to South Carolina.

Becky said...

Ces, I'm so proud of you! Did you like them? Sometimes people are turned off by the seeds, but they have never been a problem for me.