24 September 2008

extra platelet transfusions

I have to say I was not excited to get the phone call yesterday afternoon telling me my platelets were so low that I had to come get some today. But I don't want to bleed to death and my gums were in pretty bad shape yesterday, so I did what I was supposed to and showed up at the blood centre today at 1:00p. When I got there they were all excited because the blood bank had sent TWO units of platelets for me. There has been a shortage lately (almost didn't get any last week!) so this was great news! I put on a hemi-sync meditation and the line went in with no trouble. I did ask if they could give me a pic line that would also do for the transfusions tomorrow. As I am running a slight fever, there was some concern about that, but since I'm on antibiotics they left it in. The line is in the top of my left hand, so it's kinda hard to use it much. Good news = my gums are better and I can actually brush and floss my teeth tonight. (Been having to use a soft cloth to clean teeth and avoid the gum area.) Now I just have to check-in at the blood centre before 8:00a in the morning so I'm within the 72 hour deadline between type & cross and the transfusions of red cells.

I had wanted to bake my Peppery Cheese Cookies this afternoon, but will do that and finish packing tomorrow after the rest of the transfusions. Life is good.

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RainbowDishes said...

Glad to hear you got your platelets today. I remember having to go through this with my mom. It can be so frustrating at times, but so necessary. You are in my thoughts and prayers, take care :)

glynda said...

Glad you got them Becky - the cookies can wait until another day when you are up to it :)

Becky said...

Craig & Glynda, thank you so much for your continued care and concern. I can't tell you how much it helps.

Craig, it's so nice sometimes to know that others have been through this and understand.

Glynda, Mom came by today and I gave her one roll of the cookie dough to take home. She was excited! If I don't get them baked before we leave Friday, I will just put them in the freezer till I get back home.

webbie said...


So glad they were able to get you what you needed. I hope all goes as well today.