18 September 2008

Just some followup stuff

Re: all the lost keys. Yesterday my car keys and remote got replaced. All the keys, remotes, and the car have to be there at the same time to reset the computer code. I think that was the last that needed to be done to get life back in order after the stolen purse.

Re: my computer hard drive. The computer is off with the techie guys. They're supposed to call today or tomorrow. New hard drives now come in terabytes. Wow! That should hold a lot of pics. The malfunctioning one is only 400GB. Looks like I will be using the laptop for several days.

Re: new laundry appliances. Our local appliance store that I like does not carry the LG Wild Cherry Red. My niece told me another place to try. I will try to call them tomorrow.

Re: transfusions. I had trouble with bleeding during the night, so I hope platelets are up first this morning. Will take the laptop with me, but I'll likely sleep most of the time. Benadryl knocks me out.
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